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Electric Mountainboards


TRAMPA’s amazing range of Electric Mountainboards has taken the world by storm! Expertly designed to raise all the bars in electric-off-road-riding, every part has been precision made to fit perfectly and purposely together, creating boards that’ll fly across any and all terrains with ease.

Mind-blowing performance meets insane range – All of TRAMPA’s Mountainboards have 40km range & can reach over 50km/h - an Electric Mountainboard won’t just get you there, it’ll get you there fast.

Just through application alone, the boards are going to take a beating – so the confidence that all components are made to last is imperative. With only the best quality materials used for all parts, TRAMPA products can be pushed to their limits and still roll away the other side.


TRAMPA offers 3 different models of Electric Mountainboard, each with varying performances & ideal applications:


The Pro Belt Drive Mountain Board is likened to a Motor-Enduro bike – favouring eye-watering top speeds over acceleration. Made for longer, high speed rides.


The Pro Spur Gear Drive Mountainboard was designed to perform more like a Motorcross bike, favouring insane acceleration over overall top speed. Perfect for track racing & jumps.


Urban Belt Drive Mountainboards are INSANELY customisable – able to fit almost any wheel TRAMPA has to offer, the possible applications for these boards are endless!

PRO ELECTRIC MOUNTAINBOARDS use specially designed components for optimum strength & performance;

are sealed within super-strong T6 Aluminium Tubs (heat-treated & CNC’d from solid blocks), ensuring all the moving parts are safe from the elements, as well as knocks & bumps that come naturally with riding off road.

Using TWIN 6376 160KV DC MOTORS (the most powerful motors we currently offer), Pro Mountainboards are insanely powerful! Able to fly off the line, up hills, and round corners, easily hitting 50km/h – these motors weren’t designed for being left behind.

PRO Mountainboards are built around a CNC'd TRAMPA Electric Deck that features a specially designed channel, for running the power cables from the Monster Box to the motors within the centre of the deck.

MONSTER BATTERY BOXES sit between the rider’s feet, evenly distributing the weight of the batteries, without sacrificing any ‘pop’ or flex from the deck.
MONSTER BOXES can house two VESCs & still have 205 x 190 x 74mm of usable battery space! 

PRECISION VERTIGO SPRING TRUCKS have been precision CNC’d to work in perfect harmony with the CONICAL CLAMP TRUCK ADAPTOR - ensuring accurate & sturdy PRO MOTOR MOUNT attachment.


URBAN BELT DRIVES are a “world of beautifully compatible parts”. With plenty of choices for Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Motors & Battery Boxes, there are endless possibilities when building a custom dream board.

We recommend you service your board every three rides, or after any particularly tough ride. Check the hardware is tight, the belts aren’t worn, & for any damage, particularly to the motor mounts/trucks. Reapply grease to the gears & ensure the tub is free from any dust/dirt. Servicing your board is important for keeping it running smoothly, as well as for your safety when riding.


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