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R608 8mm Axle LONGBOARD Bearings


TRAMPA's Longboard bearings will fit to all classic Longboard & Skateboard Wheels.

TRAMPA's Skate sized 608 Bearing (8 x 22 x 7mm) is internationally known as 608 2RS Longboard Bearing or Skateboard Bearing. It is the High Precision stock choice of bearing supplied with all TRAMPABOARDS that use 8mm Axles.

TRAMPA's 608 Skate Bearing has been polished to a an above genuine ABEC 7 quality rating & offers fantastic performance to the user. This Bearing will spin very fast for prolonged periods & it with regular servicing & a few drops of Speed Cream every now & then will last you a very long time. too. The internal Ball Bearings are mounted in a stainless steel raceway & are coated in very fine grease similar to the properties of Speed Cream.

As with all of TRAMPA's Bearings this Longboard Bearing has been fitted with Friction Free (contact-less) Removable Shields making servicing really easy. To Service your Bearings use a sharp knife or 'Pick' to carefully take out the Removable Sleeves from the bearing & clean/soak the bearings in a pot of Petrol or Thinners. Once clean, dry thoroughly & add a few drops of Speed Cream. A few drops is more than enough so don't go pouring loads in, the oil just needs spreading over all of the surfaces so pop them on the axle & give them a spin to spread the cream evenly & only add 1 more drop of Speed cream if necessary. Remember to wipe up any excess cream spinning out of your bearings onto your wheels as this will attract dust & dirt looking messy in turn.

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