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TRAMPA offers an amazing choice of tyres - to match the huge range of ride styles, terrains & applications they’re used for.  

With a large choice of sizes, treads & even colours, its important to pick the right tyres for your chosen application, as different tyres will change the grip, rolling speeds & ride height of a finished board.

5-7” Tyres are considered ‘urban tyres’ – suitable for riding on pavements, skate parks & generally smooth, hard-packed terrain. 
8” Tyres are generally the “industry standard” when it comes to Mountainboard wheel sizes. Being the perfect size for many different applications, we offer a HUGE range of different tyres to fit them all.

All 5-8" Tyres fit to TRAMPA’s HYPASUPERSTAR or MEGASTAR Hubs

9” Tyres are a massive advantage when riding on challenging off-road terrain. The Larger circumference allows for a higher rolling speed, while the extra width provides more grip. 
10” Tyres are a recent addition to the TRAMPA Tyre range. With unrivalled rolling speeds & grip – the potential applications for these tyres are countless.

All 9 & 10” tyres will fit TRAMPA’PRIMO 3-SPOKE or DEEPDISH MEGASTAR Hubs


Being 125mm in Diameter, GUMMIES are much larger than any other Longboard wheel on the market. Using High-Quality SUPERSOFT Urethane (75a) with 50mm wide surface contact GUMMIES Tyres perform like their name suggests (When riding on fresh tarmac / asphalt - they’ll grip like 'XXXX to a blanket' - allowing the most insane turns & carves that you would not believe were possible)

Thanks to their larger size, GUMMIES Wheels glide over cracks in the pavement & smash through the small obstacles that would often get in the way when cruising around town.


We all know the pavements & roads are far from a perfect surface - so much so that sometimes it's almost impossible to ride with Longboard wheels. The design brief for this Tyre was simple - make the smallest, best quality pneumatic tyre we possibly can - for street riding without having to worry about smaller obsticles.

Urban Treads can be run on low inflation pressure - which gives enough grip to cut muddy corners or nip down hard packed off-road tracks no problem, & can also handle super inflation for straight-line flat-out speeds.

INNOVA INLINE TYRES have a straight cut profile that make them the perfect grip option for easy rolling. Working best on hard surfaces, such as Skate parks, Tarmac or Asphalt, the 3mm-deep grooved surface encourages the tyre to "track" in a straight line.

As a pneumatic tyre they’re big enough to glide over cracks, stones or holes better than most other street wheels, & will handle hard packed rough terrain, such as gravel paths with no problem.


Comes in a range of colours & sizes; 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch & 10 inch.

PRIMO STRIKER TYRE’s design brief was styled towards fast riding on hard packed dirt surfaces. Made using a hard rubber compound with a wide center-bead to help achieve maximum rolling speeds. The close cut grip pattern around the sides of the tyre gives loads of grip on all kinds of changeable terrain. Using harder rubber makes the STRIKER Tyre very fast whilst hardwearing.

Available as 8 or 9 inch.

PRIMO ALPHA 8” TYRES use just 2 PR of the finest grade rubber & a very high TPI (threads per inch) - reducing their weight considerably. Using soft compound rubber increases the tyre’s grip, making PRIMO ALPHA’s the best choice for lightweight off-roading wheels.

Comes in a range of colours in 8”

8 Inch TRAMPA TREAD Tyres are something special! They use an Intelligent Tread Pattern incorporating GRIP on GRIP! Available in 2 different rubber compounds & suitable for countless applications, TRAMPA TREADS Tyres will rarely let you down! SOFT compound is lighter in weight & grippier on hard surfaces (perfect for freestyle) whilst the HARD compound tyre is amazing on soft surfaces as it dig's in for grip & is much more durable & long lasting specially on hard surfaces. 

MUD PLUGGER TYRES are the perfect grip choice when the riding conditions turn bad & you need the maximum amount grip! The Mud-Plugger tyre has a wide center bead, giving good top end roll speed, but is also deeply grooved with aggressive Grip around its sides Mud-Pluggers works best in bad conditions!

Available as 8 or 9 inch.

DIAMOND TREAD TYRES are an amazing all-round choice for off-road riding. Hard compound rubber allows for fast rolling speeds, whilst the aggressive grip pattern provides amazing grip on both hard & soft dirt.

Available as 9 inch.

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