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OFF-SET MEGASTAR 8 Rims 3.75x 2 Inch


The Super Sexy 8 inch MEGASTAR Rims are a PRO version of the already amazing SUPERSTAR Rim! 

CNC Milled from a solid block of BILLET ALUMINUM, available in Anodised Black or Polished Silver, with lasered logos for a Pimp appearance, MEGASTARS are pricey yeah, but wow - they are lush.

MEGASTAR Rims will fit the regular SUPERSTAR SPOKES, so if you already have SUPERSTAR Rims & wish to upgrade to MEGASTAR, all you need to do is purchase the rims & make the swap.

MEGASTAR Rims have extra bolt holes for aesthetics & wheel balancing reasons. When smaller plastic rims or hubs are fitted with valved inner tubes, the valve itself weighs about 6 grams. This is a substantial amount of weight on such a small wheel, & consequently can throw the wheel out of balance, which when riding on smooth surfaces can be quite noticeable. Having the extra bolt holes allows you screw in 2x M4x18mm socket-capped Bolts (a similar weight to the valve), directly opposite - acting as a counterbalance. Allowing a smoother rotation & ultimately a faster spin rate  - making the MEGASTARS perfect for high speeds!

TRAMPA's 8 inch MEGASTAR Rims are Available in 2 different options, CENTER-SET Bearing Position (a direct metal replacement of the original Plastic injection SUPERSTAR rim), & also in the very exciting OFF-SET Bearing Position.

Fitting the OFF-SET Bearing position moves the wheels further away from your feet & widens your wheelbase, perfect for larger people & smaller boards. With the additional support of a 6mm Axle Spacer on a 9.525mm Axle, you will gain quite a larger wheelbase, which in turn will give extra room to fit larger Tyres, potentially turning a TRAMPA CARVE or ORRSOM Board into a Mini Mountainboard!

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