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SUPERSTAR 8's CENTER-SET Hubs 3.75 x 2 Inch


Is a technically designed super-strengthened masterpiece of circular lushness! It's been created for those who insist on fitting only The Very Best of Equipment! SUPERSTAR Hubs are available in loads of different Rim & Spoke colour combinations, its difficult to decide the combination you like the most! The SUPERSTAR HUB handles the highest inflation pressures of any 8 inch wheel on the market, increasing maximum roll speed capabilities, making them the perfect option for the insane amongst us!

SUPERSTAR Rims are produced using Original DuPont Ingredients (The Best), whilst the Anodised Spokes are made from Extruded 6061 Aluminum that's been T6 Heat treated (Super Strength Aero-grade quality) and come in a range of colours to satisfy your taste. The hub construction is held together by using specially made 'Socket capped' M4 x 40mm A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts.

Using even more special Bolts & 10mm Spacers to position & hold a Brake Disk in place, the SUPERSTAR Hubs can easily be modified to work with the MAGURA HYDRAULIC BRAKES & Gears for Electro motorising the products!! SUPERSTAR Hubs will fit to all known 8 inch tyres on the market & many inventors & product creators are choosing to use the SUPERSTAR Hub for all kinds of different applications including in the electronic world where TRAMPA will soon be releasing Drive Gears & Electric Motors which can also be fitted to these amazing SUPERSTAR wheels to add power to your ride... Watch this space for Hot NEWS on E-TRAMPA...   SUPERSTAR Hub's are total & absolute product perfection!

TRAMPA ABEC 5 & ABEC 7 BEARINGS - 12 x 28 x 8mm & 9.525 x 28 x 8mm
TRAMPA’s very own & genuine ABEC rated Bearings have 2 Rubber Sealed sidewalls which protect them from the dirt they live in. They push perfectly into the any of the Hubs on the TRAMPA website as well as many other brands & they ensure the fastest spin rate possible. Use 12 x 28 x 8mm Bearings to fit the TRAMPA WHEELS to 12mm axles or you can use Bearing Reducer Sleeves to fit your existing 12mm Bearings onto 10mm or 9.525mm or 3/8ths of and inch axles. 9.525 x 28 x 8mm Bearings also fit TRAMPA hubs to 9.525mm Skate Axles.

Bearings can be purchased at a discounted price when purchased with Hubs.
2 x Bearings cost only £2.50 x 4 = £10 per set of 8 making a £5 saving per set!

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