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Electric Carve Boards


TRAMPA’s amazing & unique range of ELECTRIC CARVE BOARDS have been described as “A Whole New Riding Experience”. Being able to Turn or Carve tighter than anything else on the market the Electric Carve Board is a Mini Mountainboard on steroids as its packed with the same high performance equipment supplying incredible performance in both acceleration & all out handling! This board is TRAMPA Owner Ted's favorite, as it absolutely rip's around the Town, its perfect for the narrow back-streets, tight alleyways & cut through's in & around Nottingham, if you were looking for a 'Get away board' then possibly this is the model for you!

Being able to fit any of the STICKIESGUMMIES & URBAN TREADS wheels that TRAMPA produces, TRAMPA's Carve Board range is effectively 3 boards in 1, swapping the wheels out to a different size, quite possibly to suit the ride ahead, completely & utterly transforms the riding sensation, from amazing to unreal!! TRAMPA’s Electronic CARVE BOARDS range look, feel & perform unlike anything else on the market, trying is believing....

On the Mini Spring Trucks which come as standard on the Carve Board range, there is an INSIDE & OUTSIDE SPRING or BARREL Mounting position. The SPRINGS steering resistance is the same regardless of the colour, but the springs can be further supported by adding DAMPA's. The Dampa's are molded Urethane Balls that have been Stacked on top of each other, with a fat one in the middle (Design thanks go to Mark Daniels). The Dampa's are offered in 7 different Urethane harnesses allowing the rider to custom tune the performance of their steering & deck exact to their liking. Therefore the Dampa's support the spring according to the riders weight & riding preference,

Adding Dampa's & then placing the Springs (or Barrels) into the Outside Mounting position, will seriously INCREASE or TIGHTEN the steering resistance considerably. This is good for larger riders  who need more resistance & for smaller riders who are looking to achieve very high speeds whilst seriously reducing the potential of getting any speed wobble. You can further increase the steering resistance of every wheel or corner of your deck by simply turning the 4mm Allen Key Spring adjuster clockwise to give even tighter steering & anti clockwise if you need looser steering allowing you to make a true custom deck exact to your requirements!

Positioning the Springs or Barrels into the inside position in the trucks will seriously increase your steering to the Max!! removing the Dampa's will remove the steering resistance & by heck if you fit the spring on the inside position, fitted with no Dampa's, then you will turn or carve like a snake that's just seen fire! The Steering is off the scale of insane! lol So Fast!! Most people don't like this or are certainly not used to it and they find it quite scary, but, once you get used to it & figure out just how much this damn thing can turn its hilarious to see gorping on lookers staring at you as you twist around in circles until your sick with dizziness!! hahaha

Its quite ok to fit the Springs or Barrels into the inside position at the Front of your deck and in the outside psition in the rear of your deck.... Doing so will give you a nice mix of great steer ability & nice wobble free top speed.... But remember the wobble is in the rider and not the board, so hang loose when your riding loose & you shouldnt encounter the wobble!

Carve boards are all available as Single or Twin Motor options.

Single motor boards are much easier on the wallet but will still hit the same eye-watering top speeds as twin motor version. A Twin Motor deck will of course accelerate faster as it has two wheels doing the accelerating, but a single motor deck is much lighter & therefore is much easier to handle on an everyday day to day basis. The small holes in the Holypro deck make it very easy to pick up & carry the deck, such as being at a busy crossing with lots of pedestrians around, ideally you should get off your board & walk with the crowd until its clear to re-mount the deck, the Holypro Carve Board allows your fingers fit into the very special watercut oval hole in the deck, the Carve Deck is so well designed that the complete board balances very neatly on your fingers whilst the body of the deck fits perfectly around your own body making the Carveboards very easy to handle in the city or Urban environment, like picking up a brief case & weighing less than 9kg for a single motor Street Carver not heavy at all to pick up.

Twin motors split the brunt of the work of a single motor but also increase the cost & weight by over 1kg, splitting the work of 1 motor into 2 means when going up the largest of hills there is much less work on 1 motor reducing the chance of motors over-heating & of course by fitting twin motor you gain twice the grip - so if you’re looking for a board that’ll fly off the line or give you some performance off road then you’ve got to go twin but if your no speed demon & just want something that can rip around the city whilst dodging the Screen gazing pedestrians who are generally not looking where they are going then the single works 100% fine.... !

Single Motor Carve boards can fit any of the Motors TRAMPA offers.

Because of the limited space between the width of the wheels on the Mini Spring trucks which are mounted to the Carve Deck, TWIN Motor Carve boards are restricted to only being able to fit 6364 Motors. They just fit!

Due to the extra space needed for two VESCs, we can currently only offer Twin Setups using the BIGGEST BEAST BOX. The Underboard twin motor deck is not far away now!!

Measuring just 850mm tip-to-tipTRAMPA’s CARVER DECKS are balanced between being small enough to carry on a bus - & long enough to still feel substantial & stable beneath your feet at speed.
Using 35° angled tips, Carver Decks have the same flex & ‘pop’ as TRAMPA’s MTB decks, & work in conjunction with MINI SPRING TRUCK steering systems.
Choice of 14-16ply, available as;
STANDARD (2350g)
HOLY PRO (2200g)

Carve boards come fitted with a rear-mounted BEAST BATTERY BOX. Rear-mounting the batteries insures the deck doesn’t loose any flex or ‘pop’, while leaving all the space for 100% freedom of foot-placement.
Carve Boards are compatible with Under-Board Battery Trays. Under-Board Battery Trays may look sleeker, but they sacrifice clearance on the bottom of the board, as well as the flex of the deck itself – BEAST BOXES solve both these issues.
Having the weight of the batteries over the rear helps to give the back wheels extra grip – perfect when carving-tightly.
Available in;
STANDARD (Space for 2x 6200mAh Zippy Compacts & 1x VESC)
BIGGER (Space for 2x 12000mAh Batteries & 1x VESC)
BIGGEST (Space for 2x 16000mAh Batteries & 2x VESC) But must be used in conjunction with Offset megastar hubs using either 5 inch GUMMIES or  6.5 Inch URBAN Treads tyres

Carve boards use MINI SPRING TRUCKS - TRAMPA’s most multifunctional steering system yet! A scaled down & improved version of TRAMPA’s already-amazing ATB Spring Trucks, MINI SPRING TRUCKS give three points of adjustment to fine-tune the steering resistance - through Spring Adjustors, various colours of DAMPA, & finally by installing the springs closer or further away from the Kingpin.

MINI SPRING TRUCKS use reversible hangers – giving two sets of trucks in one! The axles have been mounted in an offset position, so when the hanger is reversed, the wheelbase length, ride-height and performance of the finished board is changed.
12.5” wide with 9.525mm axles, available in;
INFINITY (817g).
VERTIGO (737g).
ULTIMATE (703g).

It’s possible to attach T6 Aluminum BULL BARS to your front truck, which not only knocks the road-kill out of the way & potentially mows the lawn as you go, but also allows you to connect all kinds of things from lights, cameras, Sat-Navs, or anything else you may need on the front end of your board.

Carve boards are able to fit any style of Bindings & Heel Straps we offer. Using bindings gives a whole new level of confidence & control over the board. Allowing you to really lean into turns, hop up curbs & tick tack - bindings are a true game changer on Carve Boards.

You will need to supply your own Batteries to make the boards move. There are many options when it comes to cells; desired range & budget usually determine the sort of cells you should purchase. People often ask us what cells to use - & there are hidden issues with some cells, such as availability, price, shipping restrictions, wrong connectors, or complexity of build (especially when it comes to making custom build batteries). Taking all these factors into consideration, we found a regular supply of good performance cells from a variety of suppliers & consequently built our Battery Boxes around them. Check out our RECOMMENDED BATTERIES page for help. Easy :-)

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