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TRAMPA’s amazing Carve Board drivetrains have been described as providing “A Whole New Riding Experience” – & that’s not wrong.
Suitable for STICKIESGUMMIES & URBAN TREAD wheels, TRAMPA’s completed Carve Boards feel & perform unlike anything else on the market.

The beauty of a Carve board is in the set up – or rather – how you set it up… One choice of parts creates a board capable of straight-line bombing at insane speeds. Another choice & it’s a board so buttery it can turn any corner on a dime.


ORIGINAL carve motor mounts use super strong 3k Twill Carbon Mounting panels & T6 Aluminium Truck Connectors to create a drive train with an amazing strength : weight ratio.
Different Carbon Mounting Panels are needed for mounting different wheels.

MKII carve motor mounts use an all-in-one TRUCK CONNECTOR & MOUNTING PANEL. CNC’d from a solid block of T6 Heat-treated Aluminium, the MkII Carver Motor Mount Connector Panel can withstand the knocks & pumps that come along when riding, while staying secure and aligned on the truck.

Carve board drivetrains are all available as Single or Twin Motor setups. Single motor boards are easier on the wallet, & will still hit the same eye-watering speeds as twin motors. Twin motors split the brunt of the work, so less chance of motors over-heating, & twice the grip - so if you’re looking for a board that’ll fly off the line, you’ve got to go twin!
Carve boards can fit any of the 118-160Kv 6364 DC Motors we offer. 118Kv Motors are the choice for particularly hilly areas, whereas 160Kv Motors will carry you to some insane speeds!

Being belt driven, the gear ratios can be fine tuned with a range of Motor & Slave pulleys.

Carve board drivetrains attach to MINI SPRING TRUCKS - TRAMPA’s most multifunctional steering system yet! Using offset axles, its possible to reverse the hangers - changing the wheelbase, ride-height and performance of the finished board – allowing different sized pulleys & wheels to be fitted.
12.5” wide with 9.525mm axles, available in;
INFINITY (817g).
VERTIGO (737g).
ULTIMATE (703g).

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