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If your search has returned no images then please reduce your selection criteria slightly. All combination possibilities are available, if your dream model is not displayed then please browse the site to find something similar to get the approximate price and then call Trampa directly to place your order. Mountain Boards can be completely different to Kite Boards. Generally speaking, a Mountain Boarder requires a slightly longer stiffer deck to give good straight line speed and to handle the harsh terrains, strong adjustable trucks are required . Stronger hubs for higher pressure's in the tyres gives the rider increased top speed for freestyle roll-ins and a better race advantage. The Bindings should be adjustable and tight to give a more locked in feeling ensuring total rider control at all times. The off the shelf complete decks from Trampa are priced relative to their setup i.e. the lighter the deck setup requirements of the rider, the more expensive the deck becomes. Trampa decks weigh relative to the stiffness (ply) and length of the deck. Smaller/lighter riders benefit from shorter lighter decks, whereas heavier riders need stronger stiffer equipment and Trampa decks are designed to handle this too If you are unsure as to which deck is the correct one for you then please fill in the rider profile information that is requested when ordering......remember we will have a custom made unbreakable deck to fit every size of rider.

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