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Wind Proof Jackets


Not only does TRAMPA's Wind proof Jacket look really smart but it packs down into almost no space at all making it an item you should never leave home without, especially if you are venturing outside for some Boarding activities. & the good news is the Jacket actually does as it name suggests by protecting you from the elements when its blowing a howler!! I wear mine over the top of a fleece and i stay toasty all day long! :-) I wouldn't go as far to say the jacket is totally waterproof, BUT the rain just shakes off and i would say it is the perfect top layer to wear when the weather is changeable & you need some basic protection from the elements.

To avoid leaks this jacket has been printed rather than embroidered, which is quite a difficult to do when the jacket is already made and the heater used for making the print can easily melt the garment! Special low temperature vinyl has been sourced for this process... In total their are 4 prints on the garment, one small TRAMPA logo on the front, a Large TRAMPA logo with web domain on the rear between the shoulders & 2 TRAMPABOARDS logos running down the inside of both sleeves...  

TRAMPA's Windproof Jacket has a Built in Hood that neatly folds away into the collar. When the hood is packed away the extra thickness of the material helps to keep the back of your neck warm which is always exposed when doing outside activities. The bottom of the jacket has a Drawstring so you can pull tight to keep the warm air inside and the pockets come with full zips helping you to keep your possessions safe when you might be riding upsaide down on the beech.

Sam Likes this text!! :-)

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