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The TRAMPA / MAGURA HS-11 - INFINITY BRAKE TRUCK is an incredibly powerful braking system that is certain to slow you down or stop you dead, which ever you should choose! By mounting MAGURA's Hydraulic Brake calipers (mounted in reverse fashion to that of a bicycle) onto a TRAMPA Brake Hanger & by squeezing the hand help brake lever as you ride, the hydraulic fluid (MAGURA Blood) runs evenly through the system applying pressure through the BRAKE PADS onto the 5mm thick Aluminum BRAKE DISKS. The Brake Disks are mounted to the SUPERSTAR wheels. This incredibly powerful brake system will trim your speed suitably to make it around a tight corner without stopping or stop you dead should you so require. This incredibly powerful braking system will allow you to ride in places you have only ever imagined before!

MAGURA are a famous German company who specialise in hydraulic braking systems for bicycles. The HS-11 Hydraulic Brakes are MAGURA's original Hydraulic braking system. MAGURA have over 30 years of testing with this equipment. The HS-11 setup is also well proven to be perfect for our Mountainboarding application - specially when modified to fit to the immense TRAMPA Brake Trucks & SUPERSTAR RIMS. Using some clever mounting holes that we make into the Brake Hanger to hold the Brake Caliper completely steady, a change of cable length is used between the 2 Calipers and by mounting the brake calipers in reverse (pushing out rather than pushing in) the MAGURA Brake system neatly fixes onto the TRAMPA Brake hanger, positioning the caliper in the perfect for the best braking application against the Superstar Wheel...

The TRAMPA INFINITY truck is the strongest SPRING TRUCK in the TRAMPA product range! To ensure the maximum strength possible the Hanger body is made from FORGED ALUMINUM. It is one solid piece! The INFINITY Hanger is fitted with 12mm SOLID STEEL Axles. The Solid Axles are HEAT TREATED. Heat treating steel makes it substantially stronger, more resistant to impact & less prone to rust. 12mm Solid Axles are without doubt the strongest Axles in the TRAMPA range. The Axles are first Glued & then Screwed with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Grub Screw locking them in the perfect position to mount your wheel too. The Hanger is connected to an EXTRUDED & T6 HEAT TREATED Aluminum BASEPLATE & as it's name suggests the INFINITY HS-11 TRUCK is designed to last forever!!

Once the Hanger has had its Axles fitted it is sent away to the CNC factory to have the Kingpin holes & the MAGURA Brake / E-Drive mounting points precision milled. CNC milling guarantees precision work. It is imperative that all of these important holes are accurately positioned in order to ensure the best performance to the rider, as well as making the Truck easy to assemble & service. The workers modify the back of the hanger by milling a flat surface so that we can mount the Brakes or E-Drive equipment flush against. We then drill an extra hole & insert it with a thread so to be able to screw in a bolt & fix something into it. A small semi-circle "Cradle" is milled at the top of the Hanger,  acting as an anchor, it eliminates movement normally associated to a single fixing point. We are able to fix the MAGURA Braking system or the NEW TRAMPA E-DRIVE system into this thread & cradle, making a very strong fix between the two. The HS11 Magura Braking System & the E-Drive system are both very powerful and they need a very strong mounting point for max performance.!

In order to give the "Two Tone Pimp Finish" the INFINITY Hanger is EDP painted MATT BLACK for metal protection & colour coordinating good looks before the CNC work is carried out. The INFINITY Brake Board / E-Drive Hanger measures 16 Inches in total width. When the wheels are fitted to the Hanger, the board has a "center wheel width" of 15 Inches.

Once back from the CNC factory the MAGURA HS11 Hydraulic Brake calipers are filled with MAGURA Brake fluid (MAGURA Brake Blood) before being then fitted to this Hanger! The Brakes come to you as a pre-assembled set, including BRAKE DISKS, SPACERS & specially made M4x52.5mm Countersunk BOLTS ready to fit the Brake Disks directly to your SUPERSTAR Wheels. The MAGURA Brake system is very powerful. It can be fitted to the front or the back of the board to suit your riding preference & will stop you faster than you have ever imagined before! It has transformed the riding experience for many riders, opening up what was previously un-ridable terrain into easily conquerable terrain.

The HS11 Hydraulic Brake System is designed to fit the 35° HS11 Brake Deck or the 35° HolyPro Deck without any modification needed at all. The HS11 Truck will also fit to any 35° TRAMPA Deck, but as the calipers take up a lot of space on the hanger, some modifications may be needed to be made to the deck, in order to create the space to house them to allow the deck to steer correctly.

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