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16mm PRO BELT DRIVE Electric Mountainboard


TRAMPA's 16mm PRO BELT DRIVE Electric Mountainboard Board has sensational performance & will take you to the very highest speeds achievable! It is super strong & very reliable whilst easy to service & maintain, it is time proven as being one of the very best all round decks in the TRAMPA Product line for all round performance.

Im often asked to explain the difference between the Pro Belt Drive Decks and the Spur Gear drive decks, i often reply saying that its the similar difference between that of a Motor Cross Bike & an Enduro Bike, fundamentally they are the same thing, its mostly the gearing that makes them different and of course the applicational use they are put too, so although they are visually very similar there is a difference...

The Pro Belt Range of TRAMPA E-Decks decks are often compared to as being like the Enduro bike as its equipped with a 66 Tooth Slave Pulley & has a relatively a Low Gear ratio of 4.7 - 1 (when using the 14 tooth Motor Pulley), making this board more geared towards High Top Speed (60kmh) than High Torque (Steep Hills). This lower gearing ratio is perfect for people who do not ride in the steepest of hilly areas (of course it will go up relatively steep hills because its so powerful) & is therefore more suited when riding on harder surfaces such as roads or gravel paths where higher top speeds can be achieved.

Fitting 13, 14 or 15 tooth Motor Pulleys will drastically change your Torque & Top speed characteristics of your board. Using 13 Tooth will give you performance of that of a Mountain Goat, taking you up the steepest of hills or the to 15 Tooth which will accelerate slower than the 13, but will accelerate to a much higher top speed! We refer to the 15 tooth it as the Rocket Ripper! Selecting 15 tooth Motor Pulley with a 9 inch Tyre, this deck will easily achieve speeds well over 60kmph without trying.

Electric Mountainboards are designed to be ridden by ALL sized adult riders. you can purchase FULLY LOADED which comes with everything you may need, assembled, or upi can purchase CUSTOM MADE.

CUSTOM MADE means you purchase just the items you need. Many of our customers have more than 1 board, therefore its likely they already posses the skills to be able to do the final part of the assembly themselves & maybe also want to save some money on the total cost of purchase, so by instead of purchasing / duplicating on items such as a charger or 2nd remote control & luxury bag which are all interchangable between the products, (we only advise to purchase the luxury bag when you have your board assembled as it helps protect the board during transportation in the box to you), and so if you purchase without these parts & even do the assembly yourself, this combined saves a considerable amount of money.

TRAMPA's LOADED range of Electric Mountainboards are delivered to you Fully Assembled in a Muk Off Bag that then placed into a Luxury Travel Bag, with a Luxury Monster Box cover & protective Splash proof cover, pre-connected to the WAND remote control & supplied with a high powered charger, to match the cells your fitting, sent to you 99% ready to ride! If you live in the UK & you are prepared to drive to Nottingham to collect your board then TRAMPA can sell you the batteries you need and they can install and balance them ready for you collection, If you live outside of the UK all you need to do is purchase & fit the cells!! EASY!!

Belts do eventually wear out, they will need replacing. Sometimes if no maintenance has been done & during riding some impacts may have taken place, things can move with enough impact and ultimately when that happens you can get some belt slip.. Some larger guys had some issues with this when using the 16mm Pro Belts, so eventually we re-designed & made the 20mm Pro Belt. The 20mm belt is over 25% wider/stonger/surface connection than the 16mm belt & therfore if you are a larger guy weighing over 80 Kilos, then you should only be considering the 20mm Pro Belt drives as the 20mm belts can withstand your weight much more so.

Heavy guys looking to ride steep hills should only look at the Spur Gear Drive Motor Mounts/Boards.

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