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Welcome all citizens of the USA to the womderful website of TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd :-)

If you love extreme sports products, then we're just like you! We make custom made Mountainboards, Kiteboards, the most amazing Street Carve BoardsUrban Carve Boards, Longboards & Skateboards as well as Super strong Stunt Scooters as well as loads of other products we are associated to & we can now hook them all up with high voltage Electric Motors too!!

Passion for quality is what drives us to bring you the very best in high tech boarding equipment. We're always developing new creations, bringing them to you with the highest performing quality possible. Our professional team includes engineers from various disciplines including architectural designers & robotics scientists, full time sourcing agents, product testing teams & full time pro rider team members. Our focus is & has always been on the product, not the price. We hope you feel, understand & appreciate the difference :-)

TRAMPA is located in the Robin Hood Town of Nottingham in the middle of England. We only use the finest of materials in every aspect of our production & we hand assemble all of the components here in the UK. Hand assembly here in teh UK allows us to be able to monitor & maintain top quality, whilst allowing the customer to choose a completely bespoke custom made deck, made exact to their  bodyweight & dimensions and of course to their requested specification.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages on our website & that you find the website informative & self-explanatory. We realise there are many products to see & choosing the correct board can be a little overwhelming. The amount of choice is ultimately there to help you to get the exact product you need in the colour combination you have dreamed off. When you purchase from TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd, you are purchasing direct from the factory. All TRAMPA decks are made by hand & constructed to order. All combinations (including those not displayed) are available to you, if there is a model that you want but cannot see, then please send us your requirements in an email and we will happily create a quote for you & search the files for the best similar image for your consideration.

Our online store & distribution system utilises real-time stock management & postal tracking systems are in place with our couriers. TRAMPA’s prices are not as low as others because we deliver on the facts that we promise. Our production levels focus on quality & not on quantity as our end users understand the difference in performance between mass production & hand made top quality. Because of our direct link with factories & our direct link to the customer we are able to maintain moderate prices for the highest quality achievable. The best news is we are able to ship to all corners of the globe & feel our postage pricing is more than fair as possible with delivery speeds well within customers expectations.

If you need some help about which deck or which ply is the most suitable for you, then please help us help you, by completing as much of the questionnaire on opposite side to this page & send it to us with a little message regarding your board requirements & a member of our team will respond to you in a timely manner hopefully with all the answers you are looking for.

It is possible for you to purchase direct from this website & when you do, you are purchasing direct from the factor. When you live in the USA & wish make a purchase from the UK, your purchase is sold to you as TAX FREETax IS NOT CHARGED saving you 20% from the regular UK RRP that you pay TRAMPA (RRP = Recommended Retail Price the RRP includes 20% VAT tax) , BUT however, import tax duties of around about the same value as the English VAT rates will quite likely be applied to your purchase when the goods arrive in your country. Sadly the taxes are un-avoidable & have to be paid somewhere... :-(

If you know which products it is you want & would like to make a purchase then please create an account on the TRAMPA site & select the products you wish to purchase by adding them into your basket. If you select the "Check Out" Button at the bottom of the page, the online system will calculate your total weight & show the total price & total shipping charge, based on the total weight of the items & the system will guide you through the process to the payment pages. 

All components are assembled by hand & constructed to order. Components will need assembling when they reach you. If there is a model that you want but cannot see, then please send us your complete requirements in an email & we will happily create a quote for you.

Postage is calculated by the total weight of the order. Individual products display individual item shipping prices but multiple product purchases have their weight added together & then the relevant postage charges are offereded. Postage below 1.5kg is sent on a first class service with ROYAL MAIL but please be aware that tracking on this option is an additional charge, orders above 1.7kg are sent with PARCEL FORCE.

Individual product pages display approximate shipping prices, please use the drop down menu below the RRP to see the price for that item shipped to your location. Postage is calculated & charged on the total volumetric weight of all the items you purchase + 10% to cover P&P.  You can see the shipping rates here. Items weighing less than 1.5kg will be sent with our National Postage Company known as Royal Mail. Standard items sent by Royal mail DO NOT have a Tracking service. Tracking for items sent through Royal Mail is charged as an additional service & charges for this service are applied to your purchase if you require tracking. Sadly their charges for the tracking service are not good so we offer you the customer the option to have the tracking service or not. Despite the cost of the additional service, we do suggest & advise purchasing this tracking service because once the goods have been posted we have no control over the parcel, at least if there is tracking it is possible to see its journey & it is in our experience that the parcels sent with tracking do arrive much quicker than the parcels sent without tracking...

All Royal Mail Postage is sent on a First Class Service but times to international locations can vary & cannot be guaranteed.

Online sales are processed in English Pounds. There is a “Exchange Rate drop down menu" (displayed below the RRP on all product pages) which gives a guide to values in local currencies… Exchange rate prices are only to be used as a guide as rates vary & fluctuate all the time. Payment through the website is taken in different methods & we can accept most Bank Cards / Credit Cards displaying the VISA or MASTERCARD Logo's, 'Bank to Bank' Bank Transfer or Paypal, but the final value is always calculated in English £'s (pounds).

Exchange rate prices are only to be used as a guide as rates vary all the time of which TRAMPA BOARDS LTD has no control. Payment through the website is taken in different forms, but the final value is always in English £'s (pounds). Exchange rates are determined by Global Market forces and set by the banks and card processing companies. To find the most accurate exchange rates being charged to your account contact your bank and ask for their current exchange rate on that day. before purchasing..

Payment by regular “Bank (Debit) card” or by “Bank Transfer” are processed free of charge. Payment with credit card or Paypal are liable to small charges to cover fee’s imposed by these suppliers.

It is quite common for NON EU residents to have issues purchasing with Bank Cards or Credit Cards in far away lands such as here in the UK… The banks & card companies apply extra security for your own benefit & by doing this often restrict the locations/countries in which your card can be used. Should you wish to make a purchase from the Trampa site but are having problems making the payment using a payment Card then please give your card company a quick call and ask them to lift the INTERNATIONAL RESTRICTION (which they can do this over the phone) and then simply try again….

If you are having other problems making a purchase or find a problem with the running or viewing of anything on the TRAMPA website then please send us a link & your comments & we will promise to respond & make the experience better for the future. If you would like some quick advice or perhaps wish to make your purchase the Old Skool way, (over the phone) then Ted can be reached between the UK hours of 8am and 8pm for impartial, no obligation to purchase & totally free advise (well there is the cost of the call to consider) as to which deck might be best suited for you.

Customer Service
Customer service is our top priority, and while some issues are beyond our control, we do our very best to ensure your purchase exceeds your expectations. Should you have an issue with any of our products or service, please contact us via our Contact Page

Should you feel your order or issue was not dealt with in a professional manner, please contact our CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTRE to let us know your concern. Please include details on previous dialogue. Please refrain from straying, and keep the complaint succinct, clear and complete.

Many customers often ask if they can visit our warehouse. Should you wish to collect your parcel from our warehouses, please contact us prior to arriving to ensure your order is ready for collection. Please make sure that you received the pickup confirmation prior to your arrive. Please understand that we do not entertain guest without the pickup confirmation and proper identification. Order amendments and all other request must be communicated online prior to your arrival.

We're always seeking passionate engineers, designers, programmers, marketing and managerial staff who like us have a passion for product & quality. If you feel you have what it takes to be part of a high pressure, dynamic, passionate and fast paced group of individuals and you love inventing things then please forward your CV to for consideration, but dont be offended if you dont land a job!


Want to send us a message or get in touch?
Our warehouse & customer service is open UK Office 8am until 6pm 

If you have an inquiry about which deck or ply is the most suitable for your riding style & weight, please help us help you by completing the questionnaire opposite. A member of our team (probably Ted) will respond to you in a timely manner & address your inquiry.

If you know which deck it is you want & would like to make a purchase then please create an account on the TRAMPA site & using the drop down menus and options to fine tune your purchase please select the products you wish to purchase, adding them into the basket & the E-Commerce online system should guide you through a regular online shopping experience.

If you are having a problem making a purchase or having a problem with the running or viewing anything in the site then please send us a link and your comments and we will promise to respond and make the experience better for the future. If you would like some quick advice or perhaps make your purchase over the Phone, Ted can be reached between the UK hours of 8am and 8pm for impartial, no obligation to purchase and totally free advise as to which deck might be best suited for you. His Phone number is found at the bottom of every TRAMPA web page

TRAMPA BOARDS LTD is currently trading from the following address,
The Loft at Centre Court,
33 Little Tennis Street,
United Kingdom

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Please complete the form to the side of this page with as much information as possible to assist in any inquiry you may have, the more we know about you the easier we can help you J

Thanks for your time to read all this & your potential custom,


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