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9 Inch Tyre Set of 4


9” Wheels are a huge advantage when riding on challenging off-road terrain. The Larger circumference allows for a higher rolling speeds, while the extra width provides more grip.

9” PRIMO STRIKER TYRE’s design brief was styled towards fast riding on hard packed dirt surfaces. Made using a hard rubber compound with a Wide Center Bead to help achieve maximum rolling speeds. The close cut grip pattern around the sides of the tyre gives loads of grip on all kinds of changeable terrain. Using Harder Rubber makes the STRIKER Tyre very fast whilst hard-wearing.

9” INNOVA INLINE TYRE has a straight cut profile that make it the perfect grip option for easy rolling. Working best on hard surfaces, such as Skate parks, Tarmac or Asphalt. The 3mm deep INLINE grooved surface, encourages the tyre to "Track" in a straight line.

9" MUD PLUGGER TYRES are the perfect grip choice when the riding conditions turn bad & you need the maximum amount grip! The Mud-Plugger tyre has a wide center bead, giving good top end roll speed, but is also deeply grooved with aggressive Grip around its sides Mud-Pluggers works best in bad conditions!

9" DIAMOND TREAD TYRES are an amazing all-round choice for off-road riding. Hard compound rubber allows for fast rolling speeds, whilst the aggressive grip pattern provides amazing grip on both hard & soft dirt.


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