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TRAMPA BOARDS LTD are able to tune the flex of their decks relevant to the riders weight height and ability. Please use the Flexometers as a guide to help you select the right board for you. The information is to be interpreted as a guide, as there is no fixed rule as to which is the exact right deck for you. Depending on the weight, height & ability of the rider will help determine which is the right deck, but of course the most important factor is personal preference as to how the rider wants their deck to feel.... Some riders like it flexi, some like it firm, some like it very very stiff.... It depends on what you are doing on your board, i.e. freestyle, freeride, boarder-cross, altho there is guidance there is no preceeding right or wrong just personal preference so when purchasing a deck from TRAMPA we want to make sure you get it exactly the way you want it!

The ability to be able to custom tune the flex of your board is how TRAMPA Boards is able to stand out from the crowd!

It is quite common for purchasers to further custom shape their decks after purchase. We do not condone this but we do give you warnings as to the consequences should it go wrong... You have to remember there are critical areas of strength in the deck (center of the deck & crease areas) and these should be well considered before making custom changes are made, as once the material has been removed it cannot be replaced & we offer no advice or experience as to the resulting flex of your deck if changes are planned as the changes would vary from deck to deck & modification to modification, the difference in results could be endless.....

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