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TRAMPA Boards' unique secret weapon is the famous “bomb-proof” deck. 100% guaranteed unbreakable made from (essentially) a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic. These legendary decks are baked liked cakes. The flex and stiffness is adjusted by laying the weave (that comes on a roll) in different directions, and by altering the number of layers. The layered material is shaped to cover the highly polished moulds, vacuum-sealed, and oven cooked. Later, after cooling & stripping down, they are cut to final shape using seriously high-pressure water jets, normally reserved for 1ft thick steel. This is the only way to do the job as lasers get too hot and bubble the surface, while -as anybody who’s tried it knows- metal jigsaw blades are blunt within seconds of cutting.

TRAMPA are the only company that will make you a bespoke deck:  flex, pop, and stiffness are all a matter of taste and as everyone is different, the boards need to be tailored to you personally with different ply, thicknesses and board shape (length, plan, riser angle etc). Obviously what style of riding you plan on doing will affect it too.

We have therefore created the Flexometer as a guide to help you find the right board for you.

It is quite common for purchasers to further custom shape their decks after purchase. We do not advise this as there are potential consequences should it go wrong. If you are to custom shape your deck please remember there are critical areas of strength in the deck (center of the deck & crease areas) and these should be well considered before making custom changes as once the material has been removed it cannot be replaced & we offer no advice or experience as to the resulting flex of your deck.

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