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The world needs to wait no longer, TRAMPA's ORRSOM '3 in 1' Longboard deck range is finally here! Whether you set up with 83 or 90mm STICKIES Longboard wheels, 125mm GUMMIES Longboard wheels or the 165mm URBAN TREADS pneumatic Tyres, the TRAMPA ORRSOM Longboard Decks performance is breathtaking beyond belief. Offering 13-15 tooth gearing options on the motor side & harmonious gearing to match on the slave wheel there are endless setup options for every kind of rider & different riding types...

Measuring 985mm from 'Tip-Tip' & trimmed with 5º of camber around the upper perimeter of the deck gives the foot a nice cradle to sit in to consequently make steering somewhat more responsive, whilst being made from the same amazingly flexible & totally unbreakable, TRAMPA Composite material, the ORRSOM Longboard deck has been given a tidy 'Docking split' at the tip of the deck allowing a special docking connection to the amazing 12Fifties Extra Wide Longboard trucks, which of course assemble harmoniously to give 3 different ride heights to suit the 3 different wheel sizes that this deck can fit too, to make the one board that does all 3 things! The ORRSOM!!

Supplied with & fitted with a TRAMPA Underboard Battery Tray with either Single or the amazing Twin Motor & available in 3 flex ratings, 14ply - FLEXI, 15ply - FIRM & 16ply - STIFF to enable this deck style to suit all rider sizes/rider styles. Its supplied fully assembled, smothered from tip to tip in hardwearing JESSOP Grip tape & of course, a TRAMPA Deck would not be a TRAMPA deck if is was not supplied with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bolt Kit to connect the 12Fifties Trucks with! ORRSOM!

The TRAMPA Underboard battery tray can fit 6x 2s 10,000 mAh 12s Cells, to give incredible performance & a range of up to 50 kilometers (when using the STICKIES longboard wheels)  


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