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5 Inch Gummies 3.75 Inch Rim


TRAMPA's new & AMAZING 125mm GUMMIES Tyres are a 'Revolution' in the boarding world ;-) The GUMMIES Wheels are so good its as if the Longboard wheel has just been re-invented! The Gummies Tyres fit too & transform the performance of both of TRAMPA's HYPA & SUPERSTAR off road wheels, converting them into Supersized Longboard style wheels & are a completely new sensation & divine dream to ride!

Being 125mm in Diameter the GUMMIES Tyres are much larger than any other Longboard wheel on the market, whilst using High Quality SUPERSOFT Urethane (75a-78a) & the same 50mm wide surface contact as the TRAMPA Stickies Longboard wheels not only do the GUMMIES Tyres perform like their name suggest (When riding on fresh tarmac / asphalt - Hard Packed surfaces, the GUMMIES Tyres stick like 'XXXX to a blanket' allowing the most insane turns & carves that you would not believe were possible) BUT the Super Soft Ultra Premium Urethane we have used also allows the GUMMIES Wheels to glide over cracks in the pavement & smash through the small obstacles that often get in the way when cruising around town, potentially jamming up smaller sized longboard wheels which can be well scary when it happens!!

Boarding of all kinds has recently seen a massive revolution with many new riders coming on the scene adding electric motors & powerful batteries to their boards, you could say much of the equipment being used by other brands is just not up to the job,  riding small wheels on high speed electric boards can be frightening and well when you hook up the TRAMPA GUMMIES wheels onto one of the new TRAMPA Electric Boards, the GUMMIES tyre performace comes into a whole new universe of riding experience that nobody ever knew existed before...!! All of TRAMPA's electric boards are all incredibly powerful, just the most un-real performance is experienced like nothing else ever.... Honest! Fitting a set of GUMMIES to 16 Inch wide ATB Spring Trucks in place of off road tyres converts your Mountainboard into a Street Monster, Racing around places like go-kart tracks will soon become the latest thing too do & we know the mega grippy GUMMIES tyres will become the #1 choice of all serious high speed riders.....

Currently on forward order, they will only available in BLACK 78a Soft premium Urethane which is the perfect colour to tie in with any Combination of HYPA or SUPERSTAR hub in the TRAMPA range.

The GUMMIES Tyres will only fit TRAMPA HYPA or SUPERSTAR hubs, which in turn fit to any of the TRAMPA Truck Steering Systems.

Diameter - 125mm
Width - 50mm
Surface contact - 50mm
Fits to - HYPA, SUPERSTAR  or 8" MEGASTAR Hubs (9.525mm or 12mm Bearings)
Fits to - All 9.525 or 12mm TRAMPA Axles with 34.2mm of clearance.

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