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MkIII Electric GUMMY Carve Board


GUMMIES MkIII Carve Board can cruise over cracks & bumps that might stop the STICKIES, and with none of the roll resistance found with pneumatic tyres, this board is a beast on smooth surfaces! Compatible with 44 tooth Slave Wheels, when paired with the right Motor Pulley this board will be cruising at 35mph no problem!

Unbelievable colour options to ballow you to customise to your heart is content, its doubtful you will ever see 2 the same.... mmm Custom boards :-)

Check out the Gearing Chart for more information.

GUMMIES Tyres work with HYPA (125g), SUPERSTAR (179g) & MEGASTAR (292g) Hubs.

GUMMIES & URBAN Carve Boards use the MK2 Motor Mount Connection Panel. Stepping away from the Carbon Panels & Truck Adaptors, the Mk2 Motor Mount Connection Panel is an all-in-1, CNC’d T6 Aluminum panel that guarantees secure & accurate Drive Train attachment. 
Because both boards use the same Motor Mount Connection Panel, a quick & simple swap of Pulleys, Belts & Wheels gives a whole new board, with new terrains to shred. We’re offering PRO Carve Boards with these parts as a kit - for those keen to experience 2 boards in 1!

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