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Pulleys & Gear kits



Changing the pulley/ gear ratios drastically changes the performance of the finished board. Choosing the perfect ratio can result in faster top speeds, more torque or longer ranges.



Pulley kits are for all belt-driven motor mounts. Featuring a Motor Pulley, Slave Pulley, Belt & the relevant bolts & spacers, these kits have everything you need to change your board’s performance or adapt to a new wheel size.

The simplest way to change a board’s performance is to swap the motor pulley. Motor Pulleys are available as

13 Tooth - For Acceleration/ Hill Climbing.
14 Tooth - Standard, best of both!
15 Tooth - For Fastest top speeds.

Belt driven boards use 15 or 20mm wide belts. 20mm belts use wider motor & slave pulleys.

Gear Kits are for SPUR GEAR DRIVE Motor mounts.

Different gear kits will give different performances to the finished board. All Spur Gear Drive motor gears are made from hardened steel. Spur gear Slave Gears are made from POM or Hardened-Steel - POM gears are amazingly light, but can break teeth under massive loads. Hardened-Steel gears are substantially heavier, but are substantially stronger - perfect for larger riders.

Spur gear drive gears have been cut at varying angles - from straight-cut, to 30º Helical. The higher the angle, the quieter the drive will run.

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