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We have made a nice arrangement with the HRB Battery factory located in China who are willing to give favorable prices to TRAMPA Customers. HRB have good reputation for producing nice high performance cells used in many applications what involve remote control use such as Drones, Race cars, Place, Choppers, Boats & now Off Road Skateboards!! HRB offer High mAh cells that fit perfectly into the TRAMPA Battery Boxes giving fabulous high performance & extended riding range... 

Along with the complications of shipping powerful cells, the Batteries are for sure expensive to purchase so TRAMPA decided not to sell the batteries therefore cutting out the middle man to make the batteries cheaper for you to purchase. TRAMPA is purely recommending HRB as a good supplier for the cells & TRAMPA makes no margin or takes any kick back for HRB's supply to you.

HRB can ship to the following countries
USA,  Germany,  United Kingdom,  France,  Italy,  Spain,  Poland,  Hungary,  Belgium,  Luxembourg,  Denmark,  Netherlands,  Austria,  Finland,  Ireland,  Portugal,  Sweden,  Czech Republic,  Northern Ireland,  Bulgaria,  Estonia,  Greece,  Lithuania,  Latvia,  Romania,  Slovenia,  Slovakia &  Croatia

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