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125mm GUMMIES Wheels


Being 125mm in Diameter, GUMMIES are much larger than any other Longboard wheel on the market. Using High-Quality SUPERSOFT Urethane (75a) with 50mm wide surface contact GUMMIES Tyres perform like their name suggests (When riding on fresh tarmac / asphalt - they’ll grip like 'XXXX to a blanket' - allowing the most insane turns & carves that you would not believe were possible)

Thanks to their larger size, GUMMIES Wheels glide over cracks in the pavement & smash through the small obstacles that would often get in the way when cruising around town.

Available in Red, Blue or Black.

HUB options:


Made from premium DuPont Plastics, the 6-spoke Hypa hub has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio – weighing just 125g each, they’re the lightest hub TRAMPA produces, perfect for those looking to shave every gram off of their board. We recommend inflating to 50PSI (although we have inflated over 75 with no problems!).

Hypa Hubs are a 2-piece design, joined together using 6x M4x35mm bolts. Fits 5-8 inch tyres.

A technically designed ‘masterpiece’ of a hub, the 5-spoke SUPERSTAR is the best of both worlds when choosing between strength & weight. Comprising of a DuPont plastic split rim & Premium T6 Aluminium spokes, the completed hub can handle over 70PSI & only weighs 179g.  
Rims & Spokes available in a huge range of colours/designs!

Superstar Hubs are a 4-piece design, joined together using 5x M4x40mm bolts. Fits 5-8 inch tyres.

Created for those who insist on fitting only 'the very best of equipment', 5-spoke MEGASTAR Hubs are a stronger & sexier improvement on the SUPERSTARS. Precision CNC’d T6 Aluminium Rims & Spokes make these the strongest hubs TRAMPA have to offer!  
Rims available in matte black or polished chrome, Spokes available in a range of colours.
Available in centered or offset bearing position. Off setting the bearings widens the board’s wheelbase, increasing stability & grip. 

Megastar Hubs are a 4-piece design, joined together using 5x M4x40mm bolts. Fits 5-8 inch tyres.

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