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Kiteboard Decks


TRAMPA’s famous range of indestructible Decks are unlike anything else on the market. Tailored to a riders' weight, height & ability – TRAMPA DECKS give unrivaled responsiveness & confidence in the board when riding.

Created to replace dull unresponsive wooden decks & reinvent the off-road riding experience, TRAMPA decks bring a whole new riding-experience. With insane ‘pop’ & shock-absorbing flex, TRAMPA decks are the #1 choice for freestyle riding & comfortable cruising.  

Made using a secret re-enforced glass and plastic composite (originally developed for light-weight military applications), TRAMPA decks are indestructible. In 17 years of excessive & harsh testing - pushing the decks to their limits (inside & out of intended applications) - there has never been a single break!

TRAMPA decks are measured in “Ply”, referring to how many layers of ‘secret-composite’ are used when making the deck. A lower ply deck will be flexi-er & lighter than a higher-ply one. Generally we recommend higher ply decks for heavier riders, and lower for lighter riders – but flex, pop, and stiffness are all a matter of taste. Our Ply-ratings range from 11 - 18 in various lengths & shapes – meaning there’s a perfect TRAMPA deck for everyone!

TRAMPA decks use 35°, 15° or 0° Truck Mounting Angles – in order to work in conjunction with the various steering systems used in different applications.
35° Decks – Work in perfect harmony with TRAMPA’s amazing Spring Trucks – a highly tuneable steering system designed give optimal responsiveness at 35°.
15° Decks – Fit to ATB Skate Trucks – a lightweight & cheaper steering system, perfect for lighter riders & kiteboarders.
0° Deck – Our ORRSOM Longboard Deck uses a special split-tip that allows 12FIFTIES Longboard trucks to be mounted at 3 different heights. 



15º Short Deck 15º Short
Length (tip-to-tip): 890mm
Width: 228mm
Wheelbase: 845mm
Available Plys: 12-15

The 15° Short TRAMPA Mountainboard deck is our original deck shape & is still our starter model today! Its dimensions make it excellent for all sizes of rider, from youngster to adult starter. It's designed to specifically fit Skate Trucks & is often purchased as an up-grade to replace broken, or non-responsive wooden decks supplied by other brands.

Used for Mountain Boarding or Kite Boarding.

The 15° Short is available in 4 different flex rates, 12ply being the most flexible & 15ply the stiffest. Please use the FLEXOMETER to find the most suitable deck ply for you.

Rider Weight Suggested Ply Deck Weight Flex
44 - 70 kg 12 ply 2,075g flexi
57 - 83 kg 13 ply 2,225g firm
70 - 95 kg 14 ply 2,375g stiff
83 - 114 kg 15 ply 2,525g very stiff

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15º Holy Pro 15º Holy Pro
Length (tip-to-tip): 855mm
Width: 228mm
Wheelbase: 785mm
Available Plys: 11-13

TRAMPA's 15º HOLYPRO deck is a slimmed down, lightweight version of the original 15º Short Deck. Designed for Pro Kite Boarders who demand short, light & fast-spinning decks to achieve huge air & freestyle tricks -this deck delivered on all fronts – making it a favourite choice in the kite-boarding scene.

Its length & weight also make it an excellent choice for young or smaller advancing riders, as the deck gives incredible performance advantages over basic wooden decks usually used in kid’s boards. The 15º mounting angle makes this deck suitable for Skate Trucks.

The 15° Holy Pro is available in 3 different flex rates, 11ply being the most flexible & 13ply the stiffest. Please use the FLEXOMETER to find the most suitable deck ply for you.

Rider Weight Suggested Ply Deck Weight Flex
44 - 70 kg 11 ply 2,075g flexi
57 - 83 kg 12 ply 1,850g firm
70 - 95 kg 13 ply 2,000g stiff

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35º Short 35º Short
Length (tip-to-tip): 895mm
Width: 225mm
Wheelbase: 912mm
Available Plys: 12-15

TRAMPA's Original 9-69 35° Short deck is the perfect deck option for "Advancing teenagers" & "Intermediate adult" sized riders. Being shorter in overall length, its excellent for big airs, fast rotations & any types of freestyle use & is just as comfortable taking on steep tracks & slopes. The 35° tip means it needs to be fitted to Spring Trucks.  

The Original 9-69 35° Short deck is available in 4 different flex rates, 12ply being the most flexible & 15ply the stiffest. Please use the FLEXOMETER to find the most suitable deck ply for you.

Rider Weight Suggested Ply Deck Weight Flex
44 - 64 kg 12 ply 2,175g flexi
51 - 76 kg 13 ply 2,350g firm
57 - 89 kg 14 ply 2,525g stiff
64 - 102 kg 15 ply 2,700g very stiff

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35º Long Deck 35º Long Deck
Length (tip-to-tip): 960mm
Width: 230mm
Wheelbase: 960mm
Available Plys: 15-17

TRAMPA's 35° Long Mountain Board Deck, is the perfect deck for all Adult sized riders of all abilities. The 35° Long Deck can be used for all principles of Mountain Boarding from Big-Air Freestyle to gentle slope free-riding. The 35° mounting angle means the deck is designed to work specifically with Spring Trucks.  The straight sides & simple radius shaped tip makes it perfect for customisation, as this deck is often purchased as a replacement for a non-responsive wooden deck. Throw some colour on there with custom sprays!

The Original 9-69 35° Long deck is available in 4 different flex rates, 15ply being the most flexible & 17ply the stiffest. Please use the FLEXOMETER to find the most suitable deck ply for you.

Rider Weight Suggested Ply Deck Weight Flex
51 - 76 kg 15 ply 3,075g firm
64 - 89 kg 16 ply 3,275g stiff
76 - 114 kg 17 ply 3,475g stiff

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35º Holy Pro
Length (tip-to-tip): 912mm
Width: 230mm
Wheelbase: 945mm
Available Plys: 15-17

TRAMPA's 35° HOLYPRO Mountain Board deck got its name because of its special weight-saving holes. It’s the #1 option for all top level Riders including all of our Pro Team Mountainboard Riders! Being Slightly shorter than the 35° Long BUT slightly longer than the 35° Short, this deck offers the best of both worlds in terms of performance & weight. 

The "Frogmouth" cut out shape on the tip of the deck is the same shape as the hole in the VERTIGO & ULTIMATE trucks; this allows you to see through your Deck & into the truck during operation. These holes don’t just look awesome, but also save lots of weight on the tips of the deck, allowing more nimble-ness, without removing any stiffness or performance from the deck!

 The 35° HOLYPRO is available in 3 different flex rates, 15ply is the most flexible, 17ply is the stiffest. Please use the FLEXOMETER to find the most suitable deck ply for you. 

Rider Weight Suggested Ply Deck Weight Flex
51 - 70 kg 15 ply 2,350g firm
64 - 95 kg 16 ply 2,525g stiff
64 - 102 kg 17 ply 2,700g very stiff

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How are they made?

The TRAMPA™ deck is made from a re-enforced glass and plastic thermo composite. Chosen because it gives a superior strength-to-weight ratio, whilst (unlike carbon fibre) remaining flexible. It is able to withstand huge impacts, forces and flex's that would shatter other materials.

Specially formulated, and presented in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, it’s woven to our desired width, and placed it onto a roll. Pre-shaped, polished-aluminium moulds are used to give the material the dimensions and surface quality we require – this is where we vary the layer quantity of the composite in the mould, & control the amount of flex and pop in the resulting deck, giving us our Ply Ratings.

A special seal is used to create a high-pressured vacuum, then mould is then placed in a special oven to cook for about 2 hours. As the air is sucked out, the heated material becomes fluid – then at the crucial moment heating is turned off and the moulds are cooled, resulting in one solid piece! The decks are then cut out using a high-pressure water-cutter, resulting in a razor sharp finish to the edge of the deck.

The decks are then finished by hand. The binding and grab handle fixing holes are measured and drilled by hand, Metal files are used to take away the sharp edge of the deck and they are then rubbed smooth with a block and various grades of sandpaper.


TRAMPA are happy to announce that we can now offer CUSTOM PAINT JOBS on our decks. We’ve been releasing our parts in an amazing selection of colours - and now it’s time we offer the deck to match!

We’re luckily sited next to an awesome car spray shop, which are happy to take on some of our decks and make them shine! They know their paint, and know techniques for making any colour pop, without adding too much weight to the finished deck - guaranteeing a perfect & even finish that’ll last for years.

We’ve got a wide range of colours for you to pick and choose from, or you can send over a pantone of your own and we’ll match it the best we can!

Custom Sprayed Decks costs £100 extra, and should be ready to ship two weeks from your order.

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