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Battery Boxes


With the Battery being the most potentially dangerous compartment on a board - knowing its safe from the elements, as well as the knocks and bumps that come with riding is imperative to enjoying a relaxing ride! TRAMPA’s Battery Packs & enclosures have been made using the highest quality materials possible, for the peace of mind that comes with a safe battery. 

Assembled from premium Carbon panels and Marine grade hardware, these boxes have an amazing Strength : Weight Ratio! Also housing 1 or 2 VESCs, Beast & Monster Boxes keep the majority of the wiring safe & out of the way. 

Monster Boxes are center-mounted, and can fit the 18650 Battery Pack, or up to 22,000mAh Lipo Cells, Along with 2 VESCs.

Beast Boxes are rear-mounted, and available in three different sizes; Original (fitting 2x 6200mAh Batteries & 1x VESC), Bigger (fitting 2x 12,000mAh Batteries & 2x VESC), or Biggest (fitting 2x 16,000mAh Batteries & 2x VESC).

The battery tray is a sleek & stealthy cell-storage solution. Mounting batteries on the underside of a deck puts them more at risk from bumps & scrapes than over-board solutions, so we made this tray from the same (super-strong & secret) material used for our Decks, this battery tray keeps everything secure & protected.
Designed to work in conjunction with the amazing ORRSOM ELECTRIC LONGBOARD range (or any custom builds if the space is there).  At 630 x 200 x 24mm, this tray can fit 6x 2s 10000mAH Cells - and still have room for single or twin VESCs! That’s a lot of GO-power in one tray!

Our first battery solution for electric boards. Once assembled, these simple & lightweight battery enclosures are far from weather-proof, but they will protect from any bumps & scrapes. Available for 6-8s or 8-10s Batteries. 

Trampas battery packs are the latest in innovative battery technology. These packs offer a high energy density (WH per Volume) and are therefore perfect to power our mountainboards or other applications.


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