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Book a TRAMPA Tour / Test Ride

Good news for those keen to ‘try-before-you-buy’ – you can book a test ride / tour with TRAMPA’s own TURBO Ted

Take your pick from our amazing fleet of demo boards & ride directly from the TRAMPA HQ to amazing nature trails, cycle paths, pump tracks & more! 

We have two different test-ride options;

Test-ride/Basics lesson

If you have no experience riding any kind of board, we strongly recommend this introduction to the sport before you purchase a board.

With access to a full circuit of smooth & flat tarmac to find your bearings on, this hour-long session isn’t about building speed, rather building confidence.

With one-on-one tuition, you’ll learn the correct techniques for riding, turning & stopping both comfortably & safely.   

The cost of a beginner’s test ride is £50 per person & lasts for 1 hour

Two-Hour Tour

If you’re looking to make the change from a street-board to an E-Mountain board, or just want to have a ‘proper go’ before you buy, you’ll want to take the 2 hour tour with Turbo Ted!


Ted will guide you to some of Nottingham’s best riding spots, with amazing views, features (& pubs…), this tour gives you a chance to get to grips with every aspect of a board. 

The cost of the test ride is £100 per person, & lasts for 2 hours. If riding across the beautiful English countryside with crazy power & performance at your feet sounds like a good way to spend two hours - get yourself booked in ASAP!

Test ride / Tour fees are fully refunded should you decide to make a purchase on your return to the HQ (within 1 week of test).

If you’re coming from a distance away, you’ll be glad to hear that it is possible to get a discount at the Holiday Inn Hotel just around the corner from the TRAMPA HQ – Let us know when you get in touch & we can provide you with the discount code.

There is NO pressure on you to make a purchase after the ride!

Email or call +44 7734 905 883 to arrange your test ride.


-All Riders must sign a disclaimer before stepping onto board
-Riders must provide their own safety equipment. We recommend a Helmet & knee pads at the minimum.
-Riders must be 16 & above
-Riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at TRAMPA HQ & whilst riding.
- All due care & responsibility is that of the rider, the tour guide is there only to show you the route and support you/repair the board if there is a breakdown or accident.
-Although any equipment tested will be thoroughly serviced & maintained, due to the nature of the activity accidents can happen, & parts can fail. If something should fail through product-abuse or miss-use by the rider, they will be held responsible for the cost to replace the parts (charged at a 40% discount from the RRP of said broken parts on the website).
- Failure to adhere to safety instructions of that of the guide may result in serious injury / death

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