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The Camlock Buckle is an integral part of the Camlock Binding. Using a Marine Grade Stainless Steel M5 x 8mm Counrtersunk bolt to screw into a submerged Star Nut that is housed within the TRAMPA Ratchet style Footstraps & the TRAMPA Heelstrap Bindings. There is a spacial hook on the underneath of the CAMLOCK that positions into a special slot on the Footstrap. this special hook & Slot enables the camlock to fit very tightly, securing the ladder strap that is fed into it in the correct position whilst giving secure adjustment to the bindings to fit your foot size.

Unlike the Ratchet buckle, the Camlock will not open or close on you regardless of accidents, your bindings will remain in the same open position until the clip is un-done & the ladder is moved into a new position, this means they wont close on you even when deck lands Binding side down making them the perfect choice of binding option for Kite Boarders who potentially do soar great heights into the air whilst making board off maneuvers, inevitably the deck will get dropped, potentially on the bindings and should they close up on you like what might happen to Ratchet style bindings, (Ratchet Bindings are more suited to Mountainboarding) then this will make it very difficult to be able to get your foot back into the bindings especially when you have a huge kite in the air that you are attached to, opening up the bindings whilst the kite is dragging you around can be a real pain in the XXX, so always best to use Camlocks Bindings if you are Kiteboarding.

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