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Safety Warning





Downhill 'Mountain Boarding', 'Kite Boarding', Longboarding, Urban Carveboarding, Street Carveboarding, E-Boarding & Scootering or any type of boarding sport associated to the TRAMPA BOARDS LTD products is inherently dangerous. Its possible that when the TRAMPA products are miss-used or used against our guidance, the consequences of the accidents that may happen could result in serious injury & or potential death.

We strongly recommend riding in full body protection when ever possible, which includes a fully functioning strong & certified helmet with face guard if possible, Ass protection, Back & Coccyx protection, with well fitting hard wearing good quality knee & elbow protection & Good Quality wrist guards & sturdy shoes a bare minimum. All of these items can be found locally to you or online from many locations & stores.

A visit to a professional ride center for initial training & riding instruction is of utmost importance. Children under the age of 16 need to seek the permission from their parents before they purchase & we strongly advise, in fact we categorically demand that children under the age of 16 are to be supervised by a responsible adult person during the usage of all TRAMPA products at all times.

Never over-estimate your skills! Start slow & build up your speed slowly. Learn to stop before finding out how fast you can go (eg by “Power Sliding” the board perpendicular to the direction of travel, or using the kite to stop or using the brakes if your board is equipted with brakes). Never ride near roads, cars or traffic of any kind, near pedestrians, crowds or unaware people. Never leave your board unattended. Before riding, inspect the terrain for obstacles & remove any potentially hazardous items from your route. Always adapt your tyre pressure according to the terrain, situation & your personal ability. High tyre pressure results in higher roll speed, so ride new terrain with low tire pressure to reduce your top end roll speed. Start with low pressure & as you improve increase your tyre pressure. Make sure you inspect your board before riding to ensure everything is tight & functioning correctly before for use. Never use worn out or broken/damaged equipment! If you have doubts, get in touch with us!

If you own an electric Trampa Board, make sure to use the VESC-Tool Profiles to adjust the max speed and power to your skill level! 25Km/h is alread plenty fast on an electric skateboard! Don't overestimate yourself, stay on the safe side! Please subscribe to the official VESC Youtube channel .

If you ride with a brake system attached to your Mountain Board, inspect it & check it’s functioning correctly prior to your ride. A brake system should never be 100% relied upon. Accidents can happen & ultimately brakes can fail. A mountainboard brake system is not to be relied upon! First of all it is important for you to learn to stop without using a brake system (by “Power Sliding” the board perpendicular to the direction of travel) & that you do not solely rely upon the brake system to stop. Never touch your brake disks after riding! Brake disks get very hot during usage & if touched will burn!

TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd is under no circumstance liable for any of your damages, injuries or death, which may occur in result from actions in opposition to the key safety instructions laid out above.

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