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20mm PRO BELT DRIVE Electric Mountainboard


TRAMPA's 20mm PRO BELT DRIVE Electric Mountainboard Board has sensational performance & will take you to the very highest speeds achievable! 

Equipped with a Low Gear ratio of 4.7 - 1 (66 Tooth Slave Pulley & 14 tooth Motor Pulley) TRAMPA's PRO BELT DRIVE Electric mountainboard is super strong & very reliable. With low maintenance its easy to service & time proven as being one of the very best all round decks in the TRAMPA Product line if not the best electric board for all round performance on the market.

Fitting 13, 14 or 15 tooth Motor Pulleys will drastically change your Torque & Top speed characteristics of your board. Using 13 Tooth will give you performance of that of a Mountain Goat, taking you up the steepest of hills or the to 15 Tooth which will accelerate slower than the 13, but will accellerate to a much higher top speed! We refer to the 15 tooth it as the Rocket Ripper! 

Arriving To The Customer Fully Assembled & Presented In A Luxury Bag, Supplied With A Graupner Charger & Any Choice Of Controller, All The Customer Needs To Do Is Purchase & Fit The Cells & Ride!

This Electric Mountainboard is designed for ALL adult sized riders. Selecting 14 tooth Motor Pulley option & 8 inch Tyre, this deck will easily achieve speeds well over 50kmph without trying, whilst taking you pretty much anywhere, on any surface in just about any condition & completely obliterates any competition!!

TRAMPA's Belt Driven PRO Electric Mountainboard is presented to you in a Luxury Travel Bag, supplied with a Graupner Ultrmat 18 Charger & is delivered FULLY ASSEMBLED ready to ride! All you need to do is purchase & fit the cells!!

As standard, it comes fitted with everything you could ever possibly need, including the very latest CNC'd TRAMPA Electric Deck which houses all the power cables from the surface mounted MONSTER BOX submerged in the center of the deck, all of which are then neatly covered & protected by a flexible PCB containing the motor sensor cables, this is held in position using tiny pan head screws & then further protected by being covered in grip tape.... 

The 'Front end of the deck' is neatly fitted with the latest T6 Aluminum BULL BARS which will not only knock all the road kill out of the way & potentially mow the lawn as you ride, but will also allow you to be able to neatly connect all kinds of things from lights, Go-Pro, Speedo, Sat-Nav, Horn and anything else you may need to fit to the front end of your deck, of which the Bull-bars are strongly connected to the underside of the Fully adjustable whilst Solid Axle VERTIGO ATB Trucks which come with any choice of DAMPA Stiffness to suit any size or ability of rider. The PRO Belt Drive will only fit the 8 inch SUPERSTAR Wheels but you get to custom build the Superstar wheel of your dreams with any choice of 8 inch TYRE to match the terrain you will be riding on! The Pro Belt Drive Deck comes with the option to select any style of Bindings we offer & they all fitted with Heel straps as standard! 

The new 2019 PRO BELT DRIVEN Motor Mounts are fully rubber sealed in a chunk of Solid Heat Treated Aluminum that's been CNC hollowed with the CNC Machine to act as a protective tub to prevent damage when knocked or banged over the top of all the moving parts, the Pro Motor Mount is stunningly beautiful... The PRO Belt Drive Board is supplied as standard with a Graupner Ultramat 18 Charger & the massive MONSTER BOX which give you loads of battery options resulting with a potential huge riding range, well over 50 miles range is easy achievable & ...

TRAMPA's PRO Belt Driven Mountainboard is supplied to you Fully Assembled & to assist safe transit it is shipped to you inside a Luxury Travel Bag that is included in the sale price.  Other than the Batteries which you need to purchase & fit, the Pro Drive Deck is delivered ready for you to pull out box & bag, simply plug in the cells n go out n ride! 

All you need to do is purchase the batteries, charge them up, remove the lid of the Monster Box, position the Batteries inside the Box & plug them in, screw down your lid, switch everything on give it a quick spin up & away you go :-)

You will need to supply your own Batteries to make the TRAMPA Electric Boards move. There are many options when it comes to the cells... depending on your ride requirements (Range) & budget will determine the sort of cells you should purchase. Of course people ask us all the time what cells to use & there are hidden issues with some cells, such as Availability, or price, or shipping restrictions, wrong connectors, or complexity of build (specially when it comes to making your own Custom build batteries) & well taking all these factors into consideration we have found some regular supply with good performance cells from a few different suppliers & we have consequently built our Battery Boxes around them... Easy :-)

PLUS! We have began to work with a High Performance Battery company known as HRB who make Batteries for High spec racing Remote control cars and the likes, they are happy to make high capacity cells specific to fit to the Monster Box & Under board Battery Tray perfectly and then supply them directly to our customers specific to their needs! Using the new 22000 mAh cells in the MONSTER BOX we have calculated a potential rage of well over 50 miles (calculated in my head & needs to be testing before 100% claiming - need a Crash test Dummy to try the range out if anyone has the tome to give it a go!!) but of course this option will not be cheap & there are plenty of alternatives of batteries if your beginning to run on a budget... 

My advice is consider your riding, think roughly how far you are realistically going to go... 20 Miles on a board is a long way but is easily achievable but it does tire you out & you do need a break... so not everybody needs 50 miles range, but then equally not everybody has time to charge up 2 or 3 times a week, so if its possible to charge just once a week and then ride to work all week on one charge then that would be cool too.... you could use somebody like Kevin Dark to make you a custom battery, so you dont have to take our suggestions

2x 6s 22000mAh HRB High Perfornace Cells Wired as 2x 6s cells to give 12s power & then the power is split to each VESC/Motor to 

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