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• The Ratchet Buckle mechanism allows you to set the binding to fit most conventional shoes or boots. Anything from a skate shoe to a walking boot.   
• A Hook on the Base of the Ratchet Buckle locates into a slot on the top of the Footstrap. This 3 point connection prevents any movement in the connection of the Straps 
• The L-Brackets are 'multi positional' allowing the rider the exact foot-stance they require 
TRAMPA’s range of bindings are the most customisable on the market - meaning you’ll be able to get the perfect fit for your  shoe & riding style - in any colour scheme you can think up.   
Ratchet Style bindings work at their absolute optimum when combined with TRAMPA Heel Straps
• Replacement Ladder straps are available for when yours get worn out which will happen over time....


TRAMPA CAMLOCK BINDINGS use the same 3 point connection as the ratchet bindings 
• A popular choice for Kite Boarders. 
• The Camlock system allows the user to 'Lock the Bindings' in the desired position allowing easy step in / step out action.  
• The Cam-lock system stops the Bindings from "closing-up", which in turn allows the user to be able to easily put their foot back into the Bindings & continue riding without any hassle. 


• Great for Mountain Board beginners, & perfect for Kite Boarders of all levels.  
• Once Velcroed together they remain locked in their position making it really easy to get your foot in & out  
• To set the bindings, open the Nylon Hook STRAPS & place your foot in-between, then without too much force sandwich the Nylon Hook straps into a comfortable position over the top of your foot.  


• The Luxury Bindings arte a merge in design & are the Best of both worlds if you want great quality & good performance
• Easily-customisable opening & closing the Velcro strapsto comfortably fit your Shoes & Feet
• TRAMPA’s Luxury Velcro Bindings are easy to step in & out of, and keep your feet locked in comfortably when you need them to be most. 


• Fitting Heel Stratps to any of the bindings listed above will Lock your feet into the bindings & make you feel at one with the Board. 
• When using Heel Straps you’re committed to the ride but have SO much more control over the board.  
• With 3 pairs of different length LADDER STRAPS to choose from (16, 18 & 20cm) the TRAMPA HEEL STRAPS easily adjust to fit to any sized shoe that comfortably fits onto a Mountain Board 
• A CAMLOCK BUCKLE is used to Lock the Ladder Strap on one side of your foot & a RATCHET BUCKLE is used on the other side. The Ratchet Buckle easily tightens the Ladder into the Heel Straps so that your foot is locked into a comfortable position!. 
TRAMPA Heel Straps are universally fitting & are supplied with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel FITTING KIT as standard, so only take a few minutes to assemble. 
TRAMPA Heel straps connect to the bindings using A4 Marine Grade Stainless steel Dome Headed Bolts thatt are 5mm longer , connected through the Footstrap into L-Brackets, ensuring no discomfort to the foot.


ALL TRAMPA Bindings are assembled with a Marine grade A4 Stainless Steel deck fixing kit & Binding to Deck A4 Stanless Steel fixing kits are sold half price when purchased with a set of bindings. 

Ratchet style bindings are considered the serious Mountain Board rider’s primary choice binding!    

Ratchet Style bindings work at their absolute optimum when combined with TRAMPA Heel Straps

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