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BEAST Box - 6.2Ah Li-Po


TRAMPA’s Beast Boxes come in three different sizes;

STANDARD - fitting Single VESC 6 Speed controller internally & to 6200mAh Batteries

BIGGER - fitting Single VESC 6 Speed controller or VESC HD-60T Speed Controller internally & up to 12,000mAh Batteries

BIGGEST - fitting Single VESC OR TWIN VESC internally & up to 16,000mAh Batteries.

Boards with single motors could go for any of the Beast Boxes - dependant on the desired range / weight of the finished board.

Boards with TWIN Motors will need to go for the BIGGEST BOX, in order to accommodate room for the extra VESC that needs to sit inside.

Able to fit onto any TRAMPA board with Spring Trucks, BEAST BOXES made from 2mm thick 3k Twill Carbon Fiber. Precision CNC machined & internally grooved to give perfectly fitted joins, the Beast Box is pretty much water proof. Heat shrinking your joins & adding a touch of silicon at the end of the assembly will for sure seal the box to be tight from water!

Assembling the box has been described as “fiddly but fun”. It’s a tight fit when using the biggest batteries for each box, so keep that in mind while assembling. The less room the batteries have to bounce around inside the box the better - especially over rough terrain!

Stainless steel Countersunk bolts harmoniously connect into both the base & the lid of the box, screwing neatly & tightly into HEX spacers... as the lid is tightened down, you get a satisfying click of confidence that everything has dropped into place perfectly as the panels slips into the groove and the gaps are no longer visible!

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