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VESC - Vedder Electronic Speed Controllers


Introducing the VESC 6 Speed Controller aka V6!
The VESC6 controller is the 6th & very special edition of the 'Vedder Electronic Speed Controller' dynasty of products, that is being exclusively produced by TRAMPA.

TRAMPA BOARDS LTD has teamed up with the internationally renowned 'YODA of electronics' (Benjamin Vedder) to bring to you & the world, the most advance electronic speed controller ever to be produced! Benjamin's family name is Vedder & the V in the Name VESC represents this VESCVEDDERs Electronic Speed Controller! Benjamin who is globally renowned for his achievements has worked tirelessly for well over 10 years fine tuning preceding versions of the globally famous VESC product & now after recent teaming up with TRAMPA the developments the of the VESC 6 has been pushed to it highest achieving standard yet & now that the testing has been completed with stunning results to boast about, the VESC 6 is finally being produced & supplied with the highest quality quality Silicon cables attached & XT90s connectors to hook into a battery & 4mm Gold Plated Bullet connectors for the motor all as standard.

The V6 VESC-6 is the most powerful impressive Electric Speed Controller Benjamin has produced & is by far the best esc the world has ever seen!! E Boarding, E-Biking, Remote control (RC), Drones & Robotic Worlds (as well as thousands of industrial robotic or recreational applications) are all about to collide as the multi applicational uses of this incredible piece of kit are waiting to be exploited by all electronics enthusiasts all over the world!

Using the VESC 6 in your setup will allow you to add any battery up to 12s maybe even 14s allowing you to gain the maximum in performance from your TRAMPA motor.. Using the very special VESC TOOL you will be able to fine tune your performances & calculate your top end speeds & approx distance to travel using different combinations of power & gearing. really cool advanced facility soon to be available as an app.

On this product page the VESC 6 is supplied to you with 4mm BiAFF silicon cables using the large size XT90s connectors which push into the battery & 3.5mm Bullet connectors to push into the motor on the opposite side. The VESC 6 is ready to plug in & go! It's delivered to you in a very stylish CNC precision cut T6 Aluminum heat sink Housing with a moisture proof Silicon Seal to stop the ingress of dirt & water.

The performance of the VESC 6, compared to preceding vesc models, is light years ahead! This is demonstrated in the cost as cheap non effective copies are sold according to their price not their quality. If you want the best performance then do not be fooled by cheap imitations or copies claiming to be VESC, whist we are attempting to raise standards in the industry it is important that a level of exclusivity exiosts to weed out the copies & so currently the VESC 6 is exclusively distributed by TRAMPA only.

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