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10 Inch Wheels


Perhaps too big for boards, 10" wheels are perfect for go-karts, golf buggys, trikes, tractors & countless other applications.The larger circumference means less roll-resistance,  allowing greater top speeds. The extra width means the tyres allows more surface contact, meaning greater grip! Ideal for offroad & hill-climbing use.

10" Innova Inlines are the perfect grip option for easy rolling. The 3mm inline grooved surface encourages the wheel to ‘track’ in a straight line. Ideal for use on asphalt, tarmac or smooth concrete.

10" DURO-Tread Tyres are designed alike the tyres you might find on a motor-enduro bike, these hard-wearing tyres are made for long journeys & potentially aggressive terrain.The simple-yet-effective tread on this tyre provides enough grip for on & off road use. 

10" Tractor Tread uses aggressive grip like that you’d find on (as the name suggests) a tractor. This tyre will have no problem finding grip, even in the slippiest  of muds.Ideal for off roading applications.

Hub Options

Created for those who insist on fitting only 'the very best of equipment', 5-spoke MEGASTAR DEEP DISH Hubs are a stronger & sexier improvement on the SUPERSTARS, designed to fit 9” wheels. Precision CNC’d T6 Aluminium Rims & Spokes make these the strongest hubs TRAMPA have to offer!
These hubs are known as ‘DEEP DISH’ due to the offset bearing position. These hubs will extend your wheelbase, in turn bringing extra stability & grip.
Rims available in matte black or polished chrome, Spokes available in a range of colours.

Megastar Hubs are a 4-piece design, joined together using 5x M4x40mm bolts. Fits 9-10 inch tyres.

Slightly bulkier than TRAMPA’s other hub designs, the PRIMO 3 spoke is the cheaper choice for fitting 9” tyres to your board. Made from premium plastics, its thick-walled structure makes this one of the toughest hubs going.

PRIMO 3 spoke hubs are a 2-piece design, joined together using 3x M6x30mm bolts. Fits 9-10 inch tyres.

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