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M4 Nyloc Nut - Marine Grade stainless steel Nylock Nut - Hub Nuts

M4 Nyloc Nut - Marine Grade stainless steel Nylock Nut - Hub Nuts

Introducing TRAMPA's M4 (4mm Shaft) A4 Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nut. This Nylock Nut will fit to all M4 Bolts regardless of their length. This A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nut will never rust on you! It is fitted with the world renowned NYLOCK System (Nylock is a nylon locking system where Nylon is pasted into the threads of the nut so that when the bolt is tightened into the nut the nylon grabs the thread of the bolt holding it locking it in the thread ensuring things do not vibrate loose or fall off when being ridden on rough terrain like that which a Mountain or Kiteboard endures. The NYLOCK thread locking security System is fitted as standard to all TRAMPA Nuts

This Nut is used to fix to tighten to the M4 Socket Capped Bolts that hold the HYPA & SUPERSTAR hubs together. To fit the nuts M4 use an 8mm spanner or  8mm Ratchet Socket to turn the Nut onto the Bolt whilst holding the bolt with a 3mm Allen Key. Always ensure your Nuts & Bolts are tight before you ride!

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