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Mini Spring Truck Hangers


The Mini Hanger measures 12.5 Inches in total width & it fits to all TRAMPA Spring Truck Baseplates. Being narrower in the body & fitted with shorter axles than regular ATB Hangers means the overall steering characteristics are completely different. The Mini Hanger has the usual Spring Adjuster facility but is also drilled with 2 spring mounting positions & by changing the spring positions in the truck (inside or outside position) or by adding/removing some TRAMPA DAMPA's into/from the springs means the Mini Spring Truck has an incredibly broad range of controllable steering which can be used for so many different applications, its simply ace!

​Setting the Springs to the inside position & riding with no TRAMPA DAMPA makes the Truck turn very fast & suitable for CARVE BOARD, fast turning style riding, where as, placing the springs in the outside position & adding the TRAMPA DAMPA's makes the steering very stiff & suitable for fast LONG BOARD style riding.

To ensure the best performance the hanger body is made from FORGED ALUMINUM & is one solid piece with NO weight saving expensive CNC work. The Mini Infinity Hanger is CNC drilled at the kingpin for precision assembly & is fitted with 9.525mm SOLID STEEL Axles. The Axles have also been HEAT TREATED. Heat treating steel makes it substantially stronger & more resistant to impact & corrosion. Using a CNC milling machine guarantee's to drill the Kingpin Holes precisely. Ensuring the Kingpin Holes are accurately placed guarantee's the best performance to the rider as well as making the truck easy to assembly & service. The Mini INFINITY Hanger is Silver Anodised for metal protection & colour coordinating good looks before the CNC work is carried out.

TRAMPA's Mini INFINITY Hanger uses 9.525mm x  13.525mm x 10mm SPACERS to position the Street Carver Longboard Stickies wheels accurately. The spacer slips onto the axles, leaving the perfect space to mount the STICKIES wheels accurately. Use Shim washers either side of the outer bearings and a 7/16ths of an inch Axle Nuts to lock the wheels into place on the axle.

Kingpin bushings push into the Kingpin holes, in both the Hanger & the Baseplate. When all the bushings are in position, push the Baseplate over the Hanger and into position so that all the Kingpin holes line up. When this is the case you will be able to push the kingpin, from the front to the truck to the back, through the holes in the assembly, connecting them all together. Remember to add the washer onto the kingpin before sliding into the assembly. To finish off the beautiful product, Marine Grade Stainless steel GRUB SCREWS help keep the Axles locked into the correct place within the Hanger.

INI Spring Truck Hangers are used in BOTH the STREET Carver Trucks & the amazing URBAN Carver Trucks. The only difference between the Street & Urban Carver Trucks is the direction of the hanger, by turning the hanger around during assembly allow's the different style of Truck...  Axle forwards for Urban, backwards for Street.

We turn the Hanger around because the axle position is not centrally located in the Hanger and so by facing the axle forwards away from the toe's,  extends the wheel base whilst at the same time lowers the ride height of the deck (You have to remember the truck is mounted at a 35º), making the resulting Truck & Deck combination wheel base more suitable for mounting a larger wheel, HENCE why the URBAN CARVER Truck uses the 7 inch pneumatic wheels.

Equally, Where as when the hanger is reversed & the Axle is facing towards the riders toe's, the wheel base is shortened & of course the deck height is subsequently raised slightly, co-incidentally to a perfect height to fit much smaller style of wheel & you guessed hence why the Street Carver Deck uses the 83mm or 90mm Longboard wheels.... :-)

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