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With electric motion being the key to success for so many innovations of the near future, VESC Speed Controllers are a perfect ‘off the shelf solution’; highly capable and a fast way forward for any design incorpoarting electric motors or actuators - & with the VESC Tool nearly any professional-grade project can be set up in minutes, not days. VESC software and hardware is your fast track to success. 

The brainchild behind the VESC Hardware & Software is the proclaimed ‘Yoda of Electronics’, Benjamin Vedder.   


Known for creating top-quality parts & products, TRAMPA saw the VESC Speed Controllers as the obvious choice for its range of electrical products. Teaming up in 2014, TRAMPA & Mr. Vedder have since produced a number of different ESCs & accessories - suited to a huge range of applications. 

TRAMPA produces the VESC hardware using the finest components, cables, connectors & materials available today, ensuring maximum performance & reliability.  


Much more than a technical solution – The VESC-Project is a rapidly growing community of enthusiasts and experts spread across the globe. Allow your project to succeed with the power of combined knowledge & collaboration with the VESC-Crowd.

Today VESC Hardware & Software can be found in numerous industrial applications, robots, multicopters, camera gimbals, electric bikes, electric skateboards, electric motorbikes, nautical applications, hydraulic pumps and in many more innovative places. Join today and get access to the combined knowledge of the community.


Configure your ESCs, upload firmware, generate real-time data, run experiments & set up your drives to perfection - all from your computer or phone. VESC-Tool is the go-to configuration software for anything in motion.

Technical Documentation can be found here. The VESC-Tool is compatible with the latest VESC hardware, & most VESC-based hardware of the past.  The VESC-Tool mobile App is available in the Google Play Store™ & in the Apple App Store

VESC Hardware

Having been designed by the same engineer, VESC Hardware is made to work seamlessly with the VESC-Tool software. Original VESC hardware is made on a high-spec production line and quality checked throughout the production process. Each unit goes through a series of tests before being shipped out including but not limited to: tolerances, electrical characteristics & motor spins at full voltage and duty cycle, before being shipped out.

The TRAMPA/VESC Hardware comes fitted with high quality silicone-coated cables, made up of 1036 strands of premium German copper. Attached to the cables are genuine Amass XT90s connectors on one side & 4mm Gold Plated Bullet connectors the other. 

Installed with custom moulded internal silicone seals, VESC Speed Controllers sit neatly in a custom CNC’d T6 Aluminium housing/heat sink – keeping the VESCs safe from knocks or overheating – whilst looking as sleek as possible.  These quality details ensure the maximum performance & reliability at all times. 

The amazing VESC® 6 MKV Speed Controller is the latest major product update to the world-famous VESC 6 product line. Packed with a variety of amazing new features, this VESC Speed Controller is certainly worth of it’s pimpin’ gold logo. Read More.
60v Rated – up to 100A continuous

The Highest density ESC we have released to date the VESC HD-60T Speed controller packs an amazing punch, in a tiny, modular & high-tech package!.
75v Rated – up to 160A continuous

VESC 75/300- 
The perfect choice if your power demands exceed the capabilities of the VESC 6 MKIV. Crazy powerful & impressive, the VESC 75/300 allow you to add any battery delivering up to 75V of max peak voltage. Read More.
75v Rated – up to 300A continuous

VESC 100/250- 
The choice to go for if you want to go higher in voltage. eatures three shunts and dedicated gate drivers, wireless app based coniguration, hibernation mode & moreRead More.
100v Rated – up to 250A continuous

A revolutionary controller with new & exciting 'E-Skate-specific-features', to work in direct relation with the TRAMPAVESC Hardware or Software. Frank Drenckhahn (King of design & production at TRAMPA) & Benjamin Vedder spent the winter period of 2018/19 designing it after experiencing difficulties with other less capable remotes. 

VESC Accessories 
Mounting plates, Dongles & Silicone Covers, everything you need to keep your VESC Hardware attached, connected & dry!

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