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PHATLAD 9's OFF-SET Hubs 3.75/4 x 2.5 Inch


TRAMPA's AMAZING 5 Spoke PHATLADS hubs are DEEP-DISH (Extra wide), OFF-SET & the latest addition to fit into TRAMPA’s amazing range of small off road wheels.

Injection molded using premium Dupont plastic composites, PHATLADS Hubs utilize a special 2 parts split-rim design that can fit any 6, 7, 8 & even 10” tyre that TRAMPA offers – One hub to fit them all will transform your ride experience for sure!

Measuring 65mm wide the PHATLADS hubs are a half inch wider than regular 8 inch TRAMPA hubs & are known as ‘DEEP DISH’ due to the Angle of the spokes on the fatter half part, allowing the wider Rim width to sit in the same axle space as a norrower hub, consequentially giving an 'offset bearing position'. Increasing the Rim width increases the ground contact of any tyres fitted to them giving a low wide look when the 6, 7 & 8 inch tyres are fitted & the PHATLADS Hubs are the perfect 65mm width fit for the larger 9 & 10 inch tyres to get maximum surface contact (GRIP) in the muddiest of conditions when contact is needed most!

Currently only available in Natural Black & White with Black Logos the PHATLADS Weigh just 226g per hub (not including the Marine Grade Stainless Steel hardware used to hold them together & fit them to the Pulleys) TRAMPA's PHATLADS are the lightest choice of hub for 9” & 10” Tyres.

There are two sets of Bolt holes running around the perimeter of the PHATLADS Hubs, these are Inner & Outer positions! The Outer set of holes are for the assembly of the Hub & require the M4 nuts being inserted into the nut housings on the thinner of the 2 parts & once the 2 parts are mated together the Shorter M4x45mm bolt should be threaded through from the fatter side of the hub tightening into then nut with a T20 TORX Key. This M4 nut is submerged & the bolt should not sit proud of the surface of its housing. 

The Inner M4x50mm T20 TORX bolt holes of the PHATLADS hubs match the same screw pattern as any of the TRAMPA Slave pulleys suiting the 62 Tooth Slave Pulley when fitted with 6 inch tyres, the 66 tooth Slave Pulley when fitted with 8 inch Tyres & 76 Tooth Slave Pulley when fitting 9 Inch tyres.... Having 2 sets of Bolt holes allows the user to be able to remove the wheel from the assembly without deflating & disassembling the wheel, meaning they can HOT-SWAP their wheel. Being able to 'Hot Swap' your wheels without taking them apart saves you lots of time when it comes to creating different rider setups, after all a board with 6 inch wheels is completely different to a board with 9 inch 

It is possible to fit both the 6001-2RS & 16001-2RS Bearings into the bearing housing of these hubs, of course Bearing reducer sleeves can be used to reduce the bearings from 12mm to either 9.525mm (TRAMPA's Mini Spring Trucks & 12FIFTIES Trucks use 9.525mm Axles) or 10mm axles if your axle should be 10mm not the imperial 9.525mm TRAMPA uses. 

Soon to be available soon in a selection of colour co-ordinating options, TRAMPA's PHATLADS hubs will fit flawlessly to any of TRAMPA's  OPEN BELT DRIVE PRO BELT DRIVE & SPUR GEAR DRIVE Motor mount setups....

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