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Introducing the new TRAMPA BARREL’s, A simple & hugely effective rubber Tube that is fitted into position using precision made T6 Aluminum BARREL RETAINERS that are slotted into the hole in the Barrel allowing it too lock into position where the springs would usually sit.

The TRAMPA BARREL’s can be fitted to the 'Inside or Outside' mounting positions of the Truck. They are locked into position from the top with bolts instead of 'Spring Adjusters' & offer no ‘on the fly’ adjustment, but they do provide great stability at high speed & a completely different sensation to riding with Springs...

With no springs pushing back, arguably creating rebound, the hollow Barrel design cushions your cornering, creating a new smooth feel to riding. Being made from RUBBER means they absorb vibrations & undulations easy… in other words, you get no ‘Springy’ bounce back that some some say you get from the traditional springs, especially when fitted on their own... 

At 63mm high & a diameter of 32mm the TRAMPA BARREL’s will fit into mounting position on any of the TRAMPA Spring Trucks in the range.

TRAMPA BARRELS can now be further 'pre-Tensioned' by adding the NEW Thicker based BARREL Retainers. Available in 5mm, 6mm & 7mm base thicknesses, adding the thicker base 'Stiffens the steering' making them less easy to carve BUT more suitable for high speed shredding!

Its now possible to fit 'Thicker Based Barrel Retainers' which will increase the pre-load tension in the steering... This is perfect for advanced riders, specially those looking for the max in straight line speed!

Available in the standard 4mm, TRAMPA has introduced 5mm, 6mm & 7mm Barrel Retainers to the range. It is advisable to only change 1 half of the retainers at a time hece these are sold in 'Sets of 4'. Going with too much Pre-tension (7mm Base retainer) will make it more difficult to get an easy carve, but will of course make it much more confidence enhancing to go straight line flat out...!! :-)

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