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Barrel Retainers x4 with 6mm Base

Barrel Retainers x4 with 6mm Base BARRELS Retainer 6mm Base BLACK
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Its now possible to fit 'Thicker Based Barrel Retainers! By doing so will 'Increase the pre-load tension in the steering'...

Pre-loading or increasing the steering tension in your steering can be part of the answer to your speed wobble problems, specially those looking for the max in straight line speed! Increasing the steering resistance is good for speed!

TRAMPA's regular Barrel Retainers are available in a plethora of colours to tie into the chosen colour ways on your board, all have a 4mm thick Base. Adding a thicker base on the retainer effectively reduces the space that the Rubber Barrel has to sit within the Truck, therefore squashing the rubber into its locked in position effectively pre-loading the steering tension 

So, TRAMPA have done to the BARRELS what they did to the DAMPA's by giving the advanced riders exactly what they need & so have finally introduced different thickness based Barrel Retainers to the range, 5mm, 6mm & 7mm, to satisfy all rider requirements

Adding pre-tension will make it more difficult to get an easy carve, but will of course make it much more confidence enhancing to go straight line flat out...!! :-)
So, it is advisable to only change 1 half of the retainers at a time, hence this kit is sold as 'Sets of 4'. A small amount of adjustment can bring a considerable amount of change, so always take small steps when making adjustments.

4x BARRELS Retainer 6mm Base BLACK
Weight: 56g
Quantity required:
RRP £15 - per set of 4

Excluding VAT

Approx price :
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