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All prices on the website are in GBP and all payments processed through our card merchant Opayo are taken in GBP. If you are a non UK customer the rate of exchange into your own currency will automatically be calculated by your payment card supplier. The exchange rates quoted below are to be used as a guide only as they fluctuate on a daily basis.

Seeing prices in your own currency

If you wish to see the prices displayed in any of the currencies listed below then please create an account on the website by clicking here: and select your preferred currency on the account information page.

Once you have your items in the basket, if you click send me a quote and scroll down to Order Total, then you will see the prices for your goods in both GBP and your chosen currency. If you wish to see your goods and delivery charges in your currency then please click on send proforma invoice

Please see below the exchange rates that are currently used on the TRAMPA management system. These rates are a guide only.

EUROs £1 = € 1.18
US Dollars £1 = $ 1.29
New Taiwan Dollar £1 = nt$ 37 
Australian Dollars £1 = 1.81 AU $ 
Canadian Dollars £1 = 1.58 CAD $ 
Brazilian Real £1 = 6 BR $ 
South African Rand £1 = SAR 21
Russian Rubles £1 = 72 RUB 
New Zealand Dollars £1 = 1.98 NZ $ 
Japanese Yen £1 = 16978 YEN 
Swiss Francs £1 = 1.16 CHF  
Danish Krone £1 = 9DK 
Polish Zloties £1 = 5.51 Zloties 
FINLAND £1 = 100
Norwegian Krone £1 = 12.03 KR 
Swedish Krona £1 = 12.78 SEK
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