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PRIMO Wheels fit up to 10 Inch Tyres


PRIMO 3-SPOKE Hubs have a 3.75 x 2.5 inch rim & will fit all 9 - 10 inch diameter tyres.  

Weighing 300g, Primo 3-Spokes are slightly bulkier than
TRAMPA’s other composite-hub designs. The cheaper choice for fitting 9” or 10” tyres to your board, Primo 3-Spokes use premium composites, paired with a thick-walled structure to make it one of the toughest hubs going!

PRIMO 3 spoke hubs are a 2-piece CENTRE-SET split-rim design, joined together using 3x M6x30mm Socket Cap bolts.

9” Wheels are a huge advantage when riding on challenging terrain. The Larger circumference allows for a higher rolling speed, while the extra width provides more extra grip.

9” PRIMO STRIKER TYRE - A favourite among boarder-X racers, the PRIMO STRIKER was designed for fast riding on hard-packed dirt. Made using a hard rubber compound with a Wide Center Bead to help achieve the maximum rolling speeds. The close cut grip pattern around the sides of the tyre gives loads of grip on changeable terrain.

9” INNOVA INLINE TYRE - With straight cut tread & the ability to handle high PSI, the INLINE  is the perfect option for easy rolling. Working best on smooth surfaces such as skate parks, tarmac or asphalt, the 3mm deep ‘In Line’ grooved surface, encourages the tyre to track in a straight line! Unlike standard Longboard/street style wheels, the pneumatic INLINE tyre is easily big enough to glide over cracks, stones or holes, & will handle hard-packed rougher terrain, such as gravel path with no problem.

9” DIAMOND TREAD TYRE - Made from relatively soft rubber with a close-cut tread pattern & a ballooned-shape, the DIAMOND TREAD Tyre is a perfect all rounder option, giving great grip on hard surfaces & good grip when heading off road - especially during the summer months.

9” MUD-PLUGGER TYRES - using a deep & aggressive tread pattern that creates 'Grip on top of Grip', with straight sidewalls and a rigid rubber structure, MUD PLUGGERS have a box-ier shape that increases surface contact. Able to run on both low & high PSIs, the wide center bead both reduces rolling resistance and improves traction! Produced using a soft 2PR rubber compound with a high TPI (thread-count per inch), the resulting tyre is amazingly grippy & hard-wearing!

Perhaps too big for boards, 10" wheels are perfect for go-karts, golf buggies, trikes, tractors & countless other applications.The larger circumference means less roll-resistance,  allowing greater top speeds. The extra width means the tyres allow more surface contact, meaning greater grip!

10" DURO-Tread Tyres are designed like the tyres you might find on a motor-enduro bike, these hard-wearing tyres are made for long journeys & potentially aggressive terrain.The simple-yet-effective tread on this tyre provides enough grip for on & off road use

10" Tractor Tread uses aggressive grip like that you’d find on (as the name suggests) a tractor. This tyre will have no problem finding grip, even in the slippiest of mud.

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