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Batteries not included…

With battery tech constantly evolving, TRAMPA left the cell making/supplying to the specialists – and focus on making sure the boards would easily fit the latest battery tech available. This means customer’s are required to purchase & fit batteries themselves.  

We designed TRAMPA boards to be ‘plug-&-play’ with the latest LI-PO battery technology, making it as easy as possible for customers to install, charge & swap batteries.

Supplying boards without batteries also makes our worldwide shipping a whole lot cheaper & easier.

Different batteries will determine the range and performance of a finished board.

To gain the best performance from a TRAMPA Electric Board, we suggest that you fit good-quality batteries, with a cell size between 10s-12s Power (10-12 Cells in series). We recommend 12s as the optimal number of cells for VESC 6 Speed controllers, giving an amazing level of power at your feet – a single pull on the trigger on your controller is met with the power of 12 cells at once!

Batteries come with different mAh levels. In the simplest terms, ‘mAh’ refers to the storage level of the battery. A battery with a larger mAh level would give a longer range to the board. Although there are many factors that can affect the range of a finished board;

Batteries - High quality cells will extend your riding range.
Gearing - Choosing the correct gear ratio will fine-tune your boards’ performance & range.
Flat Tyres – Flat/Soft tyres cause drag and put strain onto the wheels, using more juice to travel the same speed.
Poor Charging - Cheap chargers without balancer cables will reduce the capability of your batteries.
Terrain - Riding Up Hills will drain more juice out of the batteries than riding on flat or down hill.
Terrain surface - Hard packed ground creates less drag.
Head Wind - makes it harder for the small motor to push through, using more juice.
Weight - Heavier riders will not go as far or accelerate as fast as lighter rider.
Temperature - If its too hot or cold outside your batteries will run flat sooner.
High Speed - Riding flat out top speed will drain your batteries faster!
Acceleration - 80% of battery use is in the first 20% of acceleration.

Battery Enclosures

TRAMPA designed its battery enclosures around the standard/average sizes of 6s LIPO batteries, making it as easy as possible to harness and fit the batteries.

175 x 100 x 77mm
of usable battery space
Fits 2x ZIPPY COMPACT 6s 6200mAh cells

190 x 120 x 94mm
of usable battery space
Fits 2x 6s 12,000mAh cells

190 x 142 x 94mm
of usable battery space
Fits 2x 6s 16,000mAh cells

205 x 190 x 74mm
of usable battery space
Fits 2x 6s 20,000mAh cells

550 x 200 x 24mm
of usable battery space
Fits 6x 2s 10,000mAh cells

When installing your chosen batteries into your MONSTER or BEAST BOX, it’s a good idea to secure them inside with velcro, then pad the area around the batteries with foam. This reduces any ride-ruining-rattling sounds & keeps the batteries safe from bouncing around when riding over rough terrain.

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