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Solid Brake disk to fit SUPERSTAR Hubs - Part L

Solid Brake disk to fit SUPERSTAR Hubs - Part L
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TRAMPA's SOLID BRAKE DISKS give MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE! The Disks are skillfully made from 5mm Thick, Premium Quality Aluminum using the latest in high tech cutting equipment. When the brakes are in operation (slowing you down) the friction from the pads, pressing against the Aluminum disks generates heat. The extra thickness of the Aluminum we use, disperse's the heat faster, ensuring cooler operating temperatures, reducing potential brake fade during prolonged use whilst maximising performance to the rider at all times...

The TRAMPA Brake disks only fit to the TRAMPA SUPERSTAR Wheels. Special sized M4 x 52.5mm Countersunk Bolts and M4 x 10mm Aluminum spacers position the SOLID DISK in the perfect location far enough from the wheel allowing constant cooling at all times. Constant cooling to your disks reduces pad wear whilst maintaining maximum performance to your very powerful MAGURA brake system, allowing more control at top end roll speeds to the rider! These TRAMPA Brake disks are only to be used in conjunction with the TRAMPA SUPERSTAR wheel & the specially adapted MAGURA hydraulic brake kit. Be very careful during use & DO NOT TOUCH the disks when they have been operated as they will be very hot & will burn you! Shaped for appearance but designed for performance!


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