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Magura Bleed Bung in Caliper - part I

Magura Bleed Bung in Caliper - part I
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This Bung (Part I) Screws into the Calipers and keeps the brake system Water tight.. Remove Part I to bleed your Brake system.. Part J needs to be pushed into a pipe and the pipe needs to be fitted to a syringe.. Then screw Part J into the Bung Housing.. Undo the bleed valve on the Brake lever and in the same way Fit part K into another pipe and when it has been loaded with fluid fix into the handle.. Push and pull the blood through the system until there is no air in and then remove the pipe connected to the handle & replace the small bung to water tight.. Remove the the other pipe and replace the Bung into the caliper, then test by squeezing the lever and ensure the system is water tight.. Purchase a service kit if you wish to bleed your equipment as this contains everything you will need to make the work nice and easy or make your own from parts you may have kicking around in the bike shed... You will find the Magura brake parts available in most good Bicycle shops on Ebay or here on our website

Weight: 2g
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The total number of this part in stock is 125
RRP £2 - each

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