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Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM

Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM 2wd Electric Mountainboard Deck Drillage for Trucks - Accurate and neat Drillage for Bindings, countersunk with neat finish TRAMPA ELECTRIC Mountainboard Deck - CNC'd cable channel, PCB, Risers, Fitted with JESSOP Grip tape & supplied a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt kit Mountainboard PRO Belt Drive TWIN Motor Mounts - with Motors TWIN VESC SIX MkV Speed Controllers In CNC T6 Silicone Sealed Aluminum Box - Fits perfectly into the MONSTER BOX Build your own Custom TRAMPA Wheel - SUPERSTAR, 8 Inch MEGASTAR, 9 Inch PRIMO or 9 INCH DEEP DISH MEGASTAR Wheels! Awesome selection for on & off road! Amazing!! 12mm Axle ABEC 7 Rated Mountainboard Bearings for HYPA or SUPERSTAR Wheels CUSTOM BINDINGS - Build your own Bindings & colour combo! MONSTER Box MkIV fits 84x 18650 cells or 2x22000 mAh Lipos & has Panels to fit 2x VESC 6 Internally. Works in conjunction with TRAMPA's 2WD Electric Decks Electric Mountainboard PRO BELT DRIVE - CUSTOM 580mm Vinyl Stickers - Under Board TRAMPA Vinyl's Custom Charger Graupner Ultramat 18 or ULTRAPOWER UP1200AC - Small & Portable or Super quick Charging! Larger Muck Off Bag  - Keep the Muck off your possessions!
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By altering the number of layers of material that we add into the mould, we are are able to tune the final performance of the TRAMPA decks relevant to the riders weight height & ability. Please use the FLEXOMETER above as a guide to help you choose the right ply board for you. TRAMPA's FLEXOMETER information is to be interpreted as a 'GUIDE ONLY' as there is no fixed rule as to which is the exact right deck for you. The weight, height & ability of the rider will all help determine which is the right sort of deck for you, but of course the most important factor is personal preference as to how the rider wants their deck to feel.... Some riders like it flexi, some like it firm, some like it very very stiff.... It depends on what you are doing on your board, i.e. freestyle, freeride, boarder-cross, altho there is guidance there is no right & no wrong just personal preference but when purchasing a deck from TRAMPA we want to make sure you get it exactly the way you want it! so if your stuck as to which one is the best for you them please drop as a line...


2wd Electric Mountainboard Deck

TRAMPA’s famous range of indestructible Decks are unlike anything else on the market. Tailored to a riders' weight, height & ability – TRAMPA DECKS give unrivaled responsiveness & confidence in the board when riding.

Created to replace dull unresponsive wooden decks & reinvent the off-road riding experience, TRAMPA decks bring a whole new riding-experience. With insane ‘pop’ & shock-absorbing flex, TRAMPA decks are the #1 choice for freestyle riding & comfortable cruising.  

Made using a secret re-enforced glass and plastic composite (originally developed for light-weight military applications), TRAMPA decks are indestructible. In 17 years of excessive & harsh testing - pushing the decks to their limits (inside & out of intended applications) - there has never been a single break!

TRAMPA decks are measured in “Ply”, referring to how many layers of ‘secret-composite’ are used when making the deck. A lower ply deck will be flexi-er & lighter than a higher-ply one. Generally we recommend higher ply decks for heavier riders, and lower for lighter riders – but flex, pop, and stiffness are all a matter of taste. Our Ply-ratings range from 11 - 18 in various lengths & shapes – meaning there’s a perfect TRAMPA deck for everyone!

TRAMPA decks have 35°, 15° or 0° Truck Mounting Angles, in order to work with the various steering systems used across different applications.
35° Decks – Work in perfect harmony with TRAMPA’s amazing Spring Trucks – a highly tuneable steering system designed give optimal responsiveness at 35°.
15° Decks – Fit to ATB Skate Trucks – a lightweight & cheaper steering system, perfect for lighter riders & kiteboarders.
0° Deck – Our ORRSOM Longboard Deck uses a special split-tip that allows 12FIFTIES Longboard trucks to be mounted at 3 different heights. 

How are they made?

The TRAMPA™ deck is made from a re-enforced glass and plastic thermo composite. Chosen because it gives a superior strength-to-weight ratio, whilst (unlike carbon fibre) remaining flexible. It is able to withstand huge impacts, forces and flex's that would shatter other materials.

Specially formulated, and presented in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, it’s woven to our desired width, and placed it onto a roll. Pre-shaped, polished-aluminium moulds are used to give the material the dimensions and surface quality we require – this is where we vary the layer quantity of the composite in the mould, & control the amount of flex and pop in the resulting deck, giving us our Ply Ratings.

A special seal is used to create a high-pressured vacuum, then mould is then placed in a special oven to cook for about 2 hours. As the air is sucked out, the heated material becomes fluid – then at the crucial moment heating is turned off and the moulds are cooled, resulting in one solid piece! The decks are then cut out using a high-pressure water-cutter, resulting in a razor sharp finish to the edge of the deck.

The decks are then finished by hand. The binding and grab handle fixing holes are measured and drilled by hand, Metal files are used to take away the sharp edge of the deck and they are then rubbed smooth with a block and various grades of sandpaper.

TRAMPA are happy to announce that we can now offer CUSTOM PAINT JOBS on our decks. We’ve been releasing our parts in an amazing selection of colours - and now it’s time we offer the deck to match!

We’re luckily sited next to an awesome car spray shop, which are happy to take on some of our decks and make them shine! They know their paint, and know techniques for making any colour pop, without adding too much weight to the finished deck - guaranteeing a perfect & even finish that’ll last for years.

We’ve got a wide range of colours for you to pick and choose from, or you can send over a pantone of your own and we’ll match it the best we can!

Custom Sprayed Decks costs £100 extra, and should be ready to ship two weeks from your order.

Made from the same secret, indestructible composite that give TRAMPA decks their unrivalled pop & performance, Electric decks have specially designed features that work in harmony with some amazing electrical components. 9-69 Original or 10-73 BigBoi deck size/shape. 

9-69 Original
Our original deck size - 9 inches wide with a 69cm footstance. This size has proven to be a perfect fit for most adult riders. Available as 16 or 17 ply.

10-73 BigBoi
A wider, longer & stiffer deck - 10 inches wide with a 73cm footstance. Made for taller & heavier riders. Available as 16, 17 or 18 ply.

Featuring a specially routed channel, for running power cables from the MONSTER BOX to the motors, within the centre of the deck. Neatly covered & protected by a flexible PCB containing the motor sensor cables (held in position using pan-head screws & grip tape). This keeps all important cables out of the way, safe & dry – while improving the finished look of the board 10x.

Build your own Custom TRAMPA Wheel - SUPERSTAR, 8 Inch MEGASTAR, 9 Inch PRIMO or 9 INCH DEEP DISH MEGASTAR Wheels! Awesome selection for on & off road! Amazing!!

TRAMPA's SUPERSTAR Wheel is a technically designed super strengthened masterpiece of circular lushness! It is created for those who insist on fitting only the very best equipment! The SUPERSTAR handles the highest inflation pressures of any 8 inch wheel on the market, increasing roll speeds, making them perfect for the insane! SUPERSTAR Hubs are available in loads of different Rim & Spoke combinations its difficult to decide the combination you like the most!

Top Quality Plastic Injection machinery & original DuPont materials (DuPont are the Best) are used to create the high-tech Rim, whilst the Spokes use Extruded 6061 Aluminum that's been T6 Heat treated (Super Strengthened Aero-grade quality) which is all constructed using A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts. Total & absolute product perfection!

SUPERSTAR Hubs are compatible with all known 8 inch tyres on the marke! Disk Brakes & Drive Gears for Electric motors can also be fitted to these amazing SUPERSTAR wheels... Watch this space for Hot NEWS on E-TRAMPA...  Bearings can be purchased at a discounted price when purchased with a wheel. 2x Bearings cost only £2.50 = £10 per set of 8 making a £10 saving per set!

CUSTOM BINDINGS - Build your own Bindings & colour combo!

TRAMPA’s huge range of bindings are the most customisable on the market - meaning you’ll be able to get the perfect fit for your riding style - in any colour scheme you can think up.  

All TRAMPA bindings use Stainless steel Dome Headed Bolts, connected through the Footstrap into L-Brackets, ensuring no discomfort to the foot. The L-Brackets are 'multi positional' allowing the rider the exact foot-stance they require. All TRAMPA Bindings are supplied with a Marine grade A4 Stainless Steel deck fixing kit included.

TRAMPA's RATCHET BINDINGS are the number 1 choice of Bindings for Mountain Boarding. The Ratchet Buckle mechanism allows the rider to lever the bindings very tight, treating the rider to a locked in & fully connected boarding experience. TRAMPA Bindings wrap snugly over the top of your foot so firm footwear is advisable. The EVA Foam Padding is ribbed on the underside of the Footstrap, keeping the foot locked into the Bindings whilst riding over rough terrain.

A hook on the Base of the Ratchet Buckle fits into a special slot on the top of the Footstrap. This clever 3 point connection prevents any movement in the connection of the Straps, allowing the rider the confidence in their equipment to concentrate purely on their riding. Although the Ladder strap will ultimately wear over time, it has been re-enforced on both sides at its base, guaranteeing performance when riding.

TRAMPA CAMLOCK BINDINGS are the #1 choice of binding for all top level Kite Boarders. The Camlock system allows the user to 'Lock the Bindings' in the desired position allowing easy step in / step out action. Should the board be dropped on the Bindings when attempting aerial maneuvers (or similar) the Cam-lock system stops the Bindings from "closing-up", which in turn allows the user to be able to easily put their foot back into the Bindings & continue riding without any hassle.

TRAMPA CAMLOCK BINDINGS use the same 3 point connection as the ratchet bindings, preventing any movement in the connection of the Straps. The Ladder strap will ultimately wear over time so give care to this part when adjusting it.

TRAMPA's Nylon Hook BINDINGS are great for Mountain Board beginners, and perfect for Kite Boarders of all levels. Once Velcroed together they remain locked in their position making it really easy to get your foot in & out - especially good for Kite-Boarders trying to deal with a powerful kite in strong winds whilst trying to step onto a Board at the same time!

To set the bindings, open the Nylon Hook STRAPS and place your foot in-between, then without too much force sandwich the Nylon Hook straps into a comfortable position over the top of your foot. Remember to set the position of your velcro straps using the footwear you will be using when riding & practice stepping in & out of your bindings to get used to its feel.

TRAMPA's LUXURY VELCRO BINDINGS give you best of both worlds. Between the easily-customisable velcro straps from the Nylon Hook Bindings and the lush EVA foam padding from the Camlock and Ratchet style bindings, TRAMPA’s Luxury Velcro Bindings are easy to step in and out of, and keep your feet locked in comfortably when you need them to be most.

TRAMPA HEEL STRAPS lock your feet into the bindings and make you feel at one with the deck. When using Heel Straps you’re committed to the ride and have more control over the board. Most Pro-Riders use Heel Straps when MOUNTAIN BOARDING, as feeling locked to the board increases confidence, without the worry of your feet potentially working themselves out of the bindings whilst ripping over the rough terrain.

With 3 pairs of different length LADDER STRAPS to choose from, the TRAMPA HEEL STRAPS easily adjust to fit to any sized shoe that comfortably fits onto a Mountain Board. A CAMLOCK BUCKLE is used to Lock the Ladder Strap on one side of your foot and a RATCHET BUCKLE is used on the other side. The Ratchet Buckle easily tightens the Ladder into the Heel Straps so that your foot is locked into a comfortable position!.

TRAMPA Heel Straps are universally fitting and are supplied with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel FITTING KIT as standard, so only take a few minutes to assemble.

MONSTER Box MkIV fits 84x 18650 cells or 2x22000 mAh Lipos & has Panels to fit 2x VESC 6 Internally. Works in conjunction with TRAMPA's 2WD Electric Decks

TRAMPA's MONSTER BATTERY BOX is amazing! It could quite literally change your life! Surface mounted between the riders feet the MONSTER Box is often thought of as being a little bit ugly, but real beauty is not skin deep & its whats inside that matters...

the MONSTER Box is surface mounted to give maximum ground clearance when riding off road (of which the majority of the TRAMPA Products are designed to be ridden off road & when you ar riding off road you do need extra clearance or you will get snagged up rocks & constantly bashing on anything that protrudes from the ground), plus mounting the box on the surface in the way that we do with Rubber bushings, retains 95% of the full flex of the deck that the TRAMPA decks are so much famed for, the TRAMPA name was derived from the name Trampoline as the they both have amazing flexible properties, securing a large frame underneath your ride removes all the flex, fun & performance you get from a TRAMPA Deck.

The Monster Box is large enough to internally fit 2x VESC's & 2x 22,000 mAh Lipo cells or up to 12s9p 18650 cells which is an amazing power pack to have that's designed to give you nothing but MAX POWER!!

Designed to work in conjunction with the TRAMPA Electric Mountainboard Deck, the Motor cables from the VESC are forced through rubber cable entry points out the bottom of the Monster box & directly into the CNC precision cut channel that's wide enough to run 6  high quality motor cables through the center of the deck, all the way to the motors, a PCB board running the balance cables is screwed over the motor cables securing them, then covered with Grip tape (nobody would know they were there) giving a real tidy job leaving others wondering how the power gets from the box to the motors :-)


Made from 2mm & 4mm thick 3k Twill Carbon Fiber panels the Monster box has been CNC machined with a 2.1mm groove to allow the precision cut side panels to slot in & interconnect perfectly, giving a very tight & Strong connection  to the box. The box is held together with Aluminum Hex Spacers that are Glued & Screwed through the base of the box with countersunk Bolts. More longer countersunk bolts are then used to screw the lid down onto the box sidewalls giving an incredibly neat tight strong finish to the assembly.

Fitted to the top of the Monster Box is the LCD Battery display housing that is made from Glass Fiber. The LCD Display pushes straight into the housing, inside this

Using M6 Countersunk Bolts for neatness & rubber bushings to give a fraction of stability the MONSTER BOX secures directly to the Centre of the deck. Premium Quality Rubber membranes are fitted into oval shaped cut-outs which are located all around the box, the Rubber membranes allow you to be able to pull your balancing cables through etc making the MONSTER BOX pretty much as close to Water proof, whilst as easy & convenient to wire up as you can possibly get...! The Monster Box also GENIUS!

TRAMPA's amazingly sturdy whilst incredibly lightweight 12s MONSTER Box will easily fit 4x 6s Zippy compact batteries which when harnessed together correctly makes TWIN 12s MONSTER!! The MONSTER box comes with a top mounted LCD Battery Indicator, so guessing range is no longer an issue!! (for a guide to set this up for your batteries click here)

2x (2x 6s batteries looped together) makes TWIN 12s (you need 4x 6s Batteries total for twin 12s motor). The power is passed through XT90s Anti Spark Connectors & 50Amp Fuses (in case anything goes wrong) directly into the VESC. You will need 2 VESC for Twin Motor, 1 VESC for each motor. TWIN 12s Power is usually more power than most riders can handle but if 12s power is not enough for you the MONSTER BOX is also plenty big enough to house custom made batteries for the few out there that are crazy enough to try, you can fit up to 80x 18650 cells which is MASSIVE POWER, insane range & amazing performance!!  Using cell spacers you can harness together custom made batteries packs... you can create & fit options such as 12s9P, 11s10P or 10s11P - OMG so many options AMAZING!!!

We have crested some special BATTERY Pages on the RIDE GUIDE where we are encouraging battery makers from all the corners of the globe who wish to be part of the TRAMPA community to offer their wares & services 100% completely free of charge (If you area battery maker & would like to appear on the TRAMPA Ride Guide for batteries then there is a link on the Ride Guide page explaining how to send in all the info that we need in order for you to show) so that we can connect them with you or you with them, so that you go to somebody reputable, somebody who knows wat they are doing so you get the best product & service for your money

TWIN motor decks do not give you higher top end speed, the top speed is usually limited to the battery used & the gearing applied, but most importantly TWIN Motor decks will give you a lot more grip, especially when riding off road in loose dirt or up steep hills! TWIN Motor Decks give you more than double the grip & you will accelerate considerably faster than single motor board.

You will also need a few bits & bobs when it comes to assembling the MONSTER BOX. The Monster Box slots & screws together like Mechano dream, but mostly its a very exciting time anticipating the sensation of all the power you are about to unleash, its not called the MONSTER BOX for no reason ya know!! lol! Stainless steel Countersunk bolts connect into both the Base & the Lid of the box, screwing neatly & tightly into threaded HEX spacers... As the lid is tightened down, you get a satisfying click as the panels lock together, giving you the confidence that everything has dropped into place perfectly as the panels slips into the groove & the gaps are no longer viable! Awesome bit of kit!

When installing your chosen batteries into your MONSTER BOX, it’s a good idea to secure them to the inside with velcro, and then pad the area around the batteries with foam. This reduces any ride-ruining-rattling sounds & keeps the batteries safe from bouncing around when riding over rough terrain.

Battery Box Width - 205m
Battery Box Length - 190mm
Box Height - 74mm  

TWIN VESC SIX MkV Speed Controllers In CNC T6 Silicone Sealed Aluminum Box - Fits perfectly into the MONSTER BOX

Introducing the amazing VESC® 6 MKV Speed Controller, the fourth major product update of the world famous VESC 6 motor controller product line. Packed with a variety of amazing new features, this VESC motor controller is certainly worth of it’s pimpin’ gold logo.

The first VESC controller capable of hibernating, your board can conserve power while not in use - reducing power consumption to just 20μA – less than the self-discharge rate of the batteries. Or with automatic power off, your VESC controller can switch itself off after a set amount of time.

No more loop keys! Compatible with power buttons / switches, the VESC 6 MKV controller can be ready to go with a single press / flick. If desired, multiple devices can share a single button.

Roll-to-start – it’s possible to set your board to power up with a small kick/nudge!

In its development, no Mosfet switches were used - due to their tendency to eventually blow up. This saves on the additional costs of replacing them, & also adds to the longevity of the VESC 6 MKV.

When we developed the VESC 75/300 controller, it was obvious that most of its features would be handy to have in the VESC 6 controller format.  As a result, Benjamin Vedder took on the challenge and re-designed the entire PCB of the VESC 6 controller, to make new, powerful features available in a smaller & cheaper 60V rated package.

The VESC 6 MKV controller features THREE PHASE SHUNTS & adjustable CURRENT / VOLTAGE FILTERS - detecting any motor attached more precisely and reliably than ever before. Consequently all kinds of motors now run as smooth as butter & react PERFECTLY LINEAR to throttle input commands.

You’ll also find a new IMU chip fitted - featuring a gyroscope, accelerometers and a compass, the VESC 6 MKV knows its 3D orientation in space, 3 axis acceleration values and directions. 

UAVCAN has been added to the firmware allowing to interact with commonly used flight controllers like the PIXHAWK ®* devices. An incredible 12,000 lines of code have been added for the new hardware releases. To make the VESC controller nearly indestructible, the low voltage rails were redesigned A-Z.

VESC-Tool software is now available as an Android™ compatible App, allowing you to configure your VESC or VESC controller array with only a few clicks. User specific PROFILES will let you change in between different setups with a single tap on the fly.

Using an original VESC 6 MKV controllermotor detection is now more precise than ever. Extreme low inductance (0.5 μHmotors are no issue! 

Parameters for gearing and wheel diameter have been added, allowing display of speed, Wh usage per distance travelled, precise battery indicator, current consumption, duty cycle and power. Beautiful self-adjusting analogue displays make the readings of all parameters very enjoyable.

What makes the original VESC hardware so special?

The original hardware is perfectly matched to work seamless withe VESC-Tool software code. Both, hardware and software, have been designed by the same engineer, knowing all critical detail.

TRAMPA BOARDS LTD has teamed up with the internationally renowned 'YODA of electronics' (Benjamin Vedder) to bring to the world the most advance electronic speed controllers ever to be produced! Benjamin's family name is Vedder & the V in the brand VESC represents this. VEDDERs Electronic Speed Controller! There have been many ESC's before, but now the VESC line of products officially exists, made to work seamless with the latest software developments. Benjamin is globally renowned for his incredible electronics and software skills. He has worked tirelessly for well over 7 years fine tuning preceding versions of the globally famous & Trade Marked VESC products & after teaming up with TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd the development of the VESC product line has taken him to his highest capability yet.

The TRAMPA VESC controllers  comes fitted as standard with TRAMPA's very own & very special Silicone Coated & TRAMPA logo'd cables which are made up of 1036 Strands of Highly Flexible Top quality German copper. These quality details ensure the maximum performance at all times. Attached To the premium copper cables are genuine Amass XT90s connectors one side & 4mm Gold Plated Bullet connectors the other. The VESC 6 MKIII is installed with a custom moulded Internal Silicone Seal & is neatly fitted into the Heat sink which is a Solid Block of CNC'd  6061T6  Aluminum, used for dispensing the heat and offering maximum protection, allowing easy fitting and maximum good looks!..

The VESC line of produces are the most powerful & impressive Electric Speed Controller Benjamin has ever envisioned! They are  arguably by far the best and most versatile Electronic Speed Controllers the world has ever seen!! E Boarding, E-Biking, Remote control of all kinds including Drones & Robotics and Camera equipment (as well as thousands of industrial & recreational applications) are all about to be revolutionized by using the VESC series of products that will all come to the market soon...

Using the a VESC controller in your TRAMPA BOARD setup (Regardless of which model) will allow you to add any battery up to 12s with 60V of peak voltage. This is the perfect limit to give you incredible performance from your electric TRAMPA motors or similar. Using the new VESC TOOL software, you will be able to fine tune your performances relevant to your application, where you will be able to calculate your top end speeds & approx distance to travel using different combinations of power & gearing settings. Beautiful!

VESC controllers comes to you ready to plug in & go! They are delivered to you in a very stylish precision cut 6061 T6 aluminum heat-sink housing which has the TRAMPA & VESC logo beautifully laser etched to its surface & for further splash proofing we have invested into another mould for additional exterior Silicone Sealing which is available as an accessory to purchase.

The performance of the TRAMPA VESC controllers, compared to preceding third party models, is light years ahead! This is demonstrated in the cost as cheap non effective clones are sold according to their price not their quality. If you want the best performance then stick to the original hardware source - it will save you a lot of money on the long run and is a guarantee for ultimate performance and max compatibility with future software releases.

Our VESC controllers are being configured with the brand new Open Source, GPL V3 licensed VESC®-Tool Software: and on the Google Play Store™*.
The Open source, GPL V3 licensed VESC Firmware will come pre-installed on the device, allowing us to do extra testing of the device, prior to shipping.
This is the GPL V3 license contract for your reference: V3


- Current and voltage measurement on all phases (three phase shunts)
- Adjustable current and voltage filters
- built in IMU chip (accelerometer, gyro)
- Regenerative braking
- Traction control (single and twin setup)
- Sensored or sensor less operation + hybrid mode
- Configurable RPM-, current-, voltage- and power limits
- Input source: PPM, Analog, NRF Nyko Kama Nunchuck
- Communication ports: USB, CAN,UAVCAN, UART
- Throttle curve and ramping for all input sources
- Separate throttle curves for acceleration and brakes
- Seamless 4-quadrant operation
- Motor revolution, amp hour, watt hour counting
- Display of speed, power, duty cycle, amp flow, estimated range and battery status on App
- Accumulated data from arrays of VESCs
- Real time data analysis and read out via communication ports
- Real time data analysis and read out via VESC-Tool APP or VESC-Tool software
- Adjustable protection against:

          -    Low input voltage
          -    High input voltage
          -    High motor current
          -    High input current
          -    High regenerative braking current (separate limits for the motor and the input)
          -    High RPM (separate limits for each direction).
          -    Over temperature (MOSFET and motor)

Technical Data Sheet

- Voltage: 11.1V – 60V (Safe for 3S to 12S LiPo).
- Voltage spikes may not exceed 60V!
- Current: Continuous 80A, Burst 120A.  Values depend on the temperature and air circulation around the device!
- 5V 1A output for external electronics
- 3.3V 0,5A output for external electronics
- Modes: DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
- Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047

* Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
Google and Play Store are trademarks of Google LLC.
PIXHAWK is a trademark of Lorenz Meier

Mountainboard PRO Belt Drive TWIN Motor Mounts - with Motors

TRAMPA's Generation III PRO BELT DRIVE Motor Mount is a work of art! Made predominantly from T6 Aluminium, every piece has been precision made to give simple assembly & maximum performance.

The Pro Belt Drive Motor Mount will give you the same kind of performance as experienced when riding an Enduro Motor bike, it uses a lower gearing ratio of 4.71:1 giving a higher top speed when compared to the Spur Gear Drive setup - which has a higher gear ration of 5.9:1 (for better acceleration).

The Gen III Pro Belt Drive Motor Mount will only fit to Precision CNC Hangers, using TRAMPA's special Conical Clamping system to securely attach onto the Hanger. The Assembly of any of the Pro Motor Mounts is incredibly sturdy & robust; perfect for the rough terrain they’ll be ripping across.

Accommodating a 66 Tooth Slave pulley, it is possible to adjust your gearing by swapping between 13, 14 or 15 tooth Motor pulleys.  13 tooth motor pulleys are perfect for hill climbing, whereas 15 tooth pulleys will achieve a higher top speed, & 14s are a nice balance between the two.

You can further adjust the performance by changing the Rear Drive wheel size. Changing from 8” to 9” or 10“ Tyres has a massive effect on the performance of the board. Check out the Pro Belt gearing chart to see estimated top speeds of different tyre & pulley combinations.

It is only possible to fit the TRAMPA 5 Spoke Hubs to Pro Drive Slave Pulleys. This means the 5-Spoke Superstar & Megastar wheels fit no problem. However it is only possible to run 8 – 10 inch tyres on the Pro Drives, due to low clearance around the housing tubs.

Enclosed within the Motor Mount tub is the Belt Tension Roller - a Bearing Mounted in Aluminium housing, that guides the belt into the optimum position/tension, to maintain the max amount of grip between the belt & the pulley.

Its possible a belt can snap for a variety of reasons. If you’re the kind of rider that likes to go off into the wilderness, then you should always ride with a couple of spare belts (when one snaps, chances are the other isn’t far off).  TRAMPA's Pro Belt Drive utilises two special cut-outs that ‘ejects’ broken belts from the housing – slimming the chances of snapped belts jamming up the Motor Pulley.

The best way to prevent a belt snap is to check over & replace the Pulleys & belts on a semi-regular basis - BEFORE they have chance to fail on you. Riding, accelerating & braking hard will wear out your belts & pulleys faster. We recommend you service your board every three rides, or after any particularly tough ride. Check the hardware is tight, the belts aren’t worn, & for any damage, particularly to the motor mounts/trucks. Ensure the tub is free from any dust/dirt. Servicing your board is important for keeping it running smoothly, as well as for your safety when riding.

To describe what it feels like to ride the twin-engine Electric mountain board is beyond words! In other extreme sports such as snowboarding or surfing, you’re relying on the weather or tide, when it does come it doesn't last long, & often enough some punk will beat you to it. Whereas riding the E-Board is like being on an endless wave or the perfect slope of fresh snow that just goes on forever - or at least until your feet are aching so bad you need a break from all the carves! If you just can’t live without all the power under your feet then a TWIN Motor Mountain Board will give you the kind of performance you have always dreamed off!

Compatible with a range of different powered motors, and 13-15 tooth motor pulleys, you can tailor the motors to your exact needs - which is what we’re all about at TRAMPA!

With loads of useful features packed into our premium design, TRAMPA has created something very special for the Mountainboarders - Carbon Fiber Motor Mounts & Motor Protection frame - 6061 T6 Aircraft grade alloy parts - Marine Grade Stainless Steel nuts, bolts washers & spacers - German made High Power 15mm wide Premium Strong Belts. Flat Headed Ball ended M8 Grub Screws allows for Perfect drive alignment in assembly. Single screw Belt Tensioning Systems with a built in Idle Pulley force the belt & teeth to interlock perfectly, with a small motor pulley to gain maximum grip on teeth - bringing immediate power to the wheels. Simple wheel disassembly (both pulleys stay in position after wheel disassembly), customizable design for advanced DIY projects. The unique shapes of the TRAMPA 35° HOLYPRO deck & the 35° HS11 deck, allows any customer who owns one of these models, to be able to purchase the MDT kit & connect it directly to their existing TRAMPA Trucks. They can purchase & fit the MDT kit they need to convert their existing board as an after market purchase.

As you will expect, TRAMPA has raised the bar in terms of quality & performance across the entire industry, as every electric product in the TRAMPA range uses only the very lightest & best performing materials available. The individual parts combine perfectly thought out the entire product range & TRAMPA's Electric Powered Boards have stunningly good performance :-)

Custom Charger Graupner Ultramat 18 or ULTRAPOWER UP1200AC - Small & Portable or Super quick Charging!


This GRAUPNER ULTRAMAT Charger is capable of Charging & Balancing all cells up to 12s in power. The Ultramat 18 charger is used by the TRAMPA team for charging all of our decks that use Zippy Cells for power. The charger comes with a UK or EURO Plug for wall plug in connection, XT90 Jack leads & 2x 7 pin adaptor plates which allow balancer cable connections from 2x batteries from 1s to 6s using JST Connectors.... As the Graupner is our suggested charger for the Zippy cells this charger is somehow incorporated into the design of our Battery Boxes so using this charger is nice easy to connect, it is reasonably fast to charge whilst it balances (looking after) your cells at the same time and you dont need to remove anything in order to charge as the cells are all snugly secured away in one of the amazing Carbon fiber boxes, which as it so happens have been designed special for this style of charger & easy charging... :-)

12s power is the perfect amount of power to be pushed through any of the TRAMPA Electronic products (12s should only be applied when using the very special TRAMPA VESC6 speed controller). When 12s power is pumped into the VESC6 you will be able to experience the kind of riding performance everybody is talking about. Do not push more power than 12s into the VESC6. Using a XT90 Battery harness cable kit to connect 2x 6s batteries together will double the battery power resulting with a 12s Battery WITHOUT Any soldering or Welding!! 

So as you now know, to achieve 12s power requires a minimum of 2x 6s Batteries (it could be more cells if you were custom making your battery or if you were achieving 12s from 6x 2s, 4x 3s or 3x 4s cells as they can all be harnessed together to make 12s power... but then you will most likely need an additional balancer cable harness or more chargers to charge/balance each cell individually if you want speedy charging), so for efficiency & simplicity we base our 12s power on the use of 2x 6s cells as generally speaking there are many good priced nice performing chargers put there which also have the ability to balance your cells to prevent failiure of the cell, already on the market are capable of charging up to 2x 6 cells at any 1 time,

which maximizes efficiency which in turn means less chargers & (of course if you are making a custom battery you will need a BMS complicated system & Soldering skills) so you either need  2x 6s Battery chargers or 1x charger that is powerful or large enough to charge 2x 6s batteries at the same time to reduce charging times & this GRAUPNER ULTRAMMAT 18 charger is the charger TRAMPA is currently recommending of using capable of charging 2x 6s cells at any 1 time, so if you are running 12s made up from 2x 6s batteries, using this graupner charger you can charge both 6s cells at the same time.... :-)

As well as suggesting our customers find the best performance through using custom cells to make custom battery packs & BMS (Battery management systems), this all gets a little complicated for the majority of our customers, so for ease of supply & speed of installation as plugging in the 6s Cells means no welding or anything messy like that, as well as achieving excellent performance & fabulous range, TRAMPA is strongly encouraging the use of the ZIPPY Compact 6200mAh 6s 40c Lipo Pack with XT90 connectors in on any of the Boards in TRAMPAs range that use either the 12s BEAST BOX or 12s2p MONSTER BOX, as these high power 6s Cells not ony fit perfectly into these custom made Carbon Fiber boxes, but the lids & sides of the Boxes have been CNC'd allowing the wiring loom to flow beautifully inside, further enabling the battery balancer cables to poke out of the rear or sides of the box, whislt most importantly allowing the Charging XT90 connectors to push tightly into & fit perfectly into the precision cut holes in the lid, which are secured int position by the use of s simple ZIPTIE, allowing for simple but very strong KEY connection for turning your board on or off & allowing a really easy plug n play to charge both 6s cells at 1 time when using this Grauper charger

 sit perfectly, further allowing Lug holes for the XT90 Connectors to fit into & be secured by a simple ziptie

you should set your charger to LiPo Manual, 6A and max possible mAh setting. Actually the limit of the charger is 20,000mAh I think. That only means the charger will stop charging when it pumped in 20,000 mAh. Worst case, you need to give the charger a second go to finish the job. It simply counts how many mAh it pumped in and stops at your pre-defined value.

When you press the two middle buttons simultaneously, while you charge,you can enter a mode that allows you to see each individual cell.

+- buttons let's you flick through the cells.

Each cell is full when it's at 4.21V.

A test with wheels in the air gives zero information about the performance, since the Vesc is current controlled. This control mode only works when there is a load.

Your Remote has two modes, fast and slow.

When you switch it on, ist in slow mode.

Press the on button again and it will blink fast.

Now you are in fast mode.

Any questions: I'm here for you darling :-)

For an estimate of how long your batteries will take to charge use this Battery Charging Calulator

For example: Compact Zippy 6s 6200mah charged with a graupner (no booster - 2a charge rate) would be 3 hours 45 minutes


Using the ULTRA POWER Charger It is possible to charge & balance 2x Batteries packs up to 12s in size at the same time...

SO for example if you have 2x Electric Boards in your collection, (lucky boy) if they are both running a single 12s pack (i.e. 2x 6s 22000 mAh HRB Cells or 6x 2s HRB 10, 12 or 16000mAh) then you can fast charge & balance 2 x Boards at the same time or if you only have 1x Board but you are running 2x 12s packs (i.e. 4x Zippie compact cells fit directly into the Monster Box using a Graupner charger you can only charge 1x 12s pack at a time so you will need double the time to charge 2x 12s packs if you have 4x Zippies cells unless you purchase another Graupner charger so you can then charge both cell packs at the same time -  if this is the option you have selected, then it is also possible to boost the speed of the charge of your 2x Graupner chargers by placing a Booster charger before them) then this is the deluxe charge for you.

This charger is terribly expensive but it is everything the 2x Graupner chargers with Booster option tries to be. It can charge incredibly fast up to 15A, it has an internal booster with amp adjustment for charging & Balancing all kinds of cells. The best part about this charger is that you simply plug it in & it knows the cells you have, Its easy to possible to mix up the balance cable connections when plugging in for the first time but the ULTRA POWER alerts you to this & you simply swap over the balance cables & it knows it sorted, great for the guys like me who are less 'DIY' & more 'let me get out & ride' :-) After figuring out which balance cable goes in which connector on the charger it is best practice to mark the balance cables with felt Pen in red or Black etc so you know on the next time which balance cable goes into which port on the connection pad without having to exchange them each time for guessing wrongly lol! 

Simply select the amount of Amp charge you wish to put into your cells by pressing the select button & press start on the screen & voila its charging! Selecting a low 2A charge will trickle charge & balance your batteries beautifully but will take a long time to do, where as turning the charger up to 15A will give you a fast full boosted charge in maybe aeound 1 hour (depending on cell), which is great if the weather is amazing & you cant get enough riding on that day but its not good practice to fast charge your cells all of the time, so only fast charge when you don't have time to wait for a nice balance charge, selecting a low to mid power charging option on a regular basis will keep your cells in the best operating conditions, 

This Special ULTRA POWER Charger for the Complete TRAMPA Electric Boards comes Supplied with a complete ULTRA Power Charger Cable Extension Kit which makes plugging into your board really easy & so much less fiddly than the shorter cables it comes with PLUS it comes with either UK or EURO wall Plug (sadly no US Charger plug option but a simple world wide adaptor plug will do the trick to convert it). Please select your wall plug option below.


Larger Muck Off Bag - Keep the Muck off your possessions!

After a good days riding your kit is quite likely to be quite dirty & so its important to try to keep your possessions clean when packing down, you can do this by slipping your dirty Board into the oversized & purpose made MUCK OFF BAG.

Press the locking drawstring button & pull the cord to open & close the bag around the board. The Drawstring cord is strong enough to lock closed, keeping the muck off your possessions!

Once your board has been placed into the MUCK OFF BAG you can confidently put it into your LUXURY BAG or in the back of your car without the hassle of getting muck all over everything! The MUCK OFF BAG is fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap & "easy grab" carry handles making carrying it down the beach or chucking in the back of your car real easy to do.

The MUCK OFF BAG is presented to you packed in a TRAMPA logo'd, Velco sealed, "Stash Bag". The Stash Bag is the perfect place to store your boarding goodies such as Tools or tubes, & the MUCK OFF BAG is available at a discounted price when purchased with a complete deck.

The following are required to build this product:


TRAMPA’s famous range of indestructible Decks are unlike anything else on the market. Tailored to a riders' weight, height & ability – TRAMPA DECKS give unrivaled responsiveness & confidence in the board when riding.

Created to replace dull unresponsive wooden decks & reinvent the off-road riding experience, TRAMPA decks bring a whole new riding-experience. With


Complete Deck Weight

Custom ELECTRIC Deck - Based on 9-69 16 ply 17 ply 18 ply
Blank Deck Weight 3,330g 3,440g 3,550g
Component Weight 8,026g 8,026g 8,026g
Complete Deck Weight 11.4 kg 11.5 kg 11.6 kg

Component Weights

Mountainboard PRO Belt Drive Motor Mounts with Motors3,803g
TWIN VESC SIX MkV special to fit inside the MONSTER Box448g
Custom 8 or 9 Inch TRAMPA Wheel that fit PRO Motor Mounts1,989g
ABEC 7 Mountainboard Bearings fitting to all TRAMPA Wheels181g
CUSTOM BINDINGS - Build your own Bindings & colour combo!399g
MONSTER Box MkIV fits 2x VESC 6 internally 1,201g
580mm Vinyl Stickers - Under Board TRAMPA Vinyl's5g
Total component weight8,026g
CUSTOM BINDINGS - Build your own Bindings & colour combo!
Build your own Custom TRAMPA Wheel - SUPERSTAR, 8 Inch MEGASTAR, 9 Inch PRIMO or 9 INCH DEEP DISH MEGASTAR Wheels! Awesome selection for on & off road! Amazing!!
TRAMPA ELECTRIC Mountainboard Deck - CNC'd cable channel, PCB, Risers, Fitted with JESSOP Grip tape & supplied a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt kit

Blank deck weight chart

Custom ELECTRIC Deck - Based on 9-69 16 ply 17 ply 18 ply
Blank Deck Weight 3,330g 3,440g 3,550g
General Flex Rating firm stiff very stiff
This Electric Deck is constructed using the following components & parts...

1x TRAMPA ELECTRIC Mountainboard Deck with PCB & Risers
1x TWIN PRO BELT DRIVE Motor Mount & Custom Motors
1x TWIN Original VESC SPEED Controllers
4x TRAMPA SUPERSTAR or upgrade to MEGASTAR Wheels
1x Set of TRAMPA ATB 12mm Bearings
1x Pair of Custom Choice TRAMPA Bindings
1x MONSTER Box MkIV fits 2x VESC 6 internally
1x Complete deck TRAMPA VINYL Sticker kit
1x ULTRAMAT18 Charger or Up-grade to the ULTRA POWER for fast charging
1x MUCK OFF bag to keep your LUXURY Bag clean & MINI Stash Bag for your personals.
13 / 66 Tooth Pulleys = Ratio 1-5.077 - Best combination for Steep Hill Climbing
14 / 66 Tooth Pulleys = 1 - 4.714 - Perfect All Round Performance
15 / 66 Tooth Pulleys = 1 - 4.400 - Will achieve the Highest Top Speed!
A Board like this is best ridden off road, away from traffic enjoying the countryside, exploring dirty routes you have seen when driving & have only ever dreamed of riding before....
BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED in the sale of any of the Electric Boards that TRAMPABOARDS Ltd sells. Batteries are expensive & difficult to ship, so its easier & cheaper for you too get them locally. So batteries need to be purchased separately by you. There are links to batteries that fit all the boxes here & Depending on how far you wish to go on a single charge will determine what cells you should fit. As a guide & roughly speaking, 1000mAh (1Ah) is roughly the equivalent to 1 mile of average riding, this is very factor dependant & there are many factors determining the outcome such as, Wheel size & tyre pressure, road surface, the weight of rider, the rate of acceleration, & the top speed they cruise at, the gradients the boards are being ridden on & of course the gearing selection of the rider....

Mountainboarding, Electric Mountainboarding, Longboarding, Skateboarding, infact any kind of boarding of any kind,especially all models displayed on this website are inherently dangerous. Accidents are deemed as part of the fun & are mostly inevitable. You should wear as much protective clothing as you can bare to wear in an attempt to protect yourself. When miss used all kinds of addtional or exceptional injuries may happen, including death, so always take care and never takes risks. The rider is 100% fully responsible for their actions & or any accidents that may occur during their use.

We advise that you never ride on the roads & most importantly always away from any traffic. In most countries around the world it is still illegal to ride the devices we sell on the roads & highways.
If there is no cycle path & you have to ride near the road then please choose the sidewalk or pavement instead & then take your time & steer well clear of anything thats moving... Give way to all pedestrians & in particular when riding off road look out for & give space to to dog walkers as they often have an excited animal pleased to see you at the end of a tether, which of course can easily get tangled with your equipment & well, lets face it we don't want to hurt the doggie, upset the waker or hurt the rider & where always possible stay well away from all/any moving traffic. Always expect the worst scenario in all cases as vehicle drivers will always win on who comes off best after a collision if competing to be in the same space at the same time, so we beg you to please never take a risk, its just not worth it.

Always ride with as much impact protect equipment as you can bare to wear, you are responsible for your own safety, so please take care as these things are very powerful...!!!

The 9-69 Original Electric Deck will only fit the Classic Monster Box.
If your a tall rider with a long leg or squat rider with a wide stance, or just want the most range then we suggest you take the 10/73 BigBoi Deck as its designed for Big Boys!! As its name suggests its got 4cm of additional deck stance area to accommodate a wider stance & is additionally 1 Inch wider to accommodate a larger foot, thats quite likely to be on the end of a bioger person!! To make the deck 10 inch wide instead of the usual 9 inch wide, means were only able to get 7 decks from the mould instead of 8 like we usually do & consequently this means the BigBoi Decks costs us & you a little more, but if you take the BigBoi deck, then as you have the additional space to fit a larger battery box, so then you have the choice between fitting the classic sized 18650 21Ah Monster Box, or the larger 21700 35Ah MASSIVE Monster Box... Happy Days :-)

Please select - Which Ply Electric deck do you require...?
Please select - Which Ply Electric deck do you require...?



16ply 35º 10-73 BIG-BOI ELECTRIC Deck - STIFF (+£25)
16ply 35º 10-73 BIG-BOI ELECTRIC Deck - STIFF (+£25)

17ply 35º 10-73 BIG-BOI ELECTRIC Deck - VERY STIFF (+£25)
17ply 35º 10-73 BIG-BOI ELECTRIC Deck - VERY STIFF (+£25)

18ply 35º 10-73 BIG-BOI ELECTRIC Deck - STIFFEST (+£25)
18ply 35º 10-73 BIG-BOI ELECTRIC Deck - STIFFEST (+£25)

What size Motor Pulleys you would like?
What size Motor Pulleys you would like?

13 Tooth 15mm wide - Great Hill Climber
13 Tooth 15mm wide - Great Hill Climber

14 Tooth 15mm wide - All Round gearing
14 Tooth 15mm wide - All Round gearing

15 Tooth 15mm wide - Great Top Speed
15 Tooth 15mm wide - Great Top Speed

What size Motor you would like...
What size Motor you would like...

6364 160Kv TRAMPA Motor - Even more amazing speed!
6364 160Kv TRAMPA Motor - Even more amazing speed!

6376 160Kv TRAMPA Motor - Only for the Insane! (+£50)
6376 160Kv TRAMPA Motor - Only for the Insane! (+£50)

6376 185Kv Motor - The fastest yet!! (+£50)
6376 185Kv Motor - The fastest yet!! (+£50)

Do you want Solid INFINITY or CNC Lightweight VERTIGO Trucks?
Do you want Solid INFINITY or CNC Lightweight VERTIGO Trucks?

INFINITY CNC ATB Hanger - 12mm SOLID axles
INFINITY CNC ATB Hanger - 12mm SOLID axles

VERTIGO CNC ATB Hanger - 12mm HOLLOW Axles (+£20)
VERTIGO CNC ATB Hanger - 12mm HOLLOW Axles (+£20)

What style of 8 Inch Wheels do you want fitting to the FRONT of your deck?
What style of 8 Inch Wheels do you want fitting to the FRONT of your deck?

6 Spoke HYPA Wheels on the FRONT
6 Spoke HYPA Wheels on the FRONT

3 Spoke PRIMO Wheels - FRONT (+£10)
3 Spoke PRIMO Wheels - FRONT (+£10)

5 Spoke PHATLADS on the FRONT(+£20)
5 Spoke PHATLADS on the FRONT(+£20)

5 Spoke SUPERSTAR Wheels on the FRONT(+£25)
5 Spoke SUPERSTAR Wheels on the FRONT(+£25)

5 Spoke 8 Inch OFF-SET MEGASTAR Wheels on the FRONT(+£60)
5 Spoke 8 Inch OFF-SET MEGASTAR Wheels on the FRONT(+£60)

5 Spoke 8 Inch CENTRE-SET MEGASTAR Wheels on the FRONT(+£60)
5 Spoke 8 Inch CENTRE-SET MEGASTAR Wheels on the FRONT(+£60)

5 Spoke 9 Inch MEGASTAR Wheels on the FRONT (+£70)
5 Spoke 9 Inch MEGASTAR Wheels on the FRONT (+£70)

What Style of Bindings do you want?
What Style of Bindings do you want?

VELCRO Style Bindings please
VELCRO Style Bindings please

CAMLOCK Style Bindings please
CAMLOCK Style Bindings please

RATCHET Style Bindings please
RATCHET Style Bindings please

LUXURY VELCRO Style Bindings please
LUXURY VELCRO Style Bindings please

Quantity required:
We have enough parts to make…  
From £1,350 - each

Excluding VAT

Approx price :
To see shipping prices delivered to your door please create an account and be logged into the system, so the system knows where you are and how much to quote you......

TRAMPA's  PRO BELT DRIVE Electric Mountainboardis designed for ALL adult sized riders & will easily achieve speeds upto 60kmph whilst tackling the toughest terrains known to Electric Boarding!

The PRO BELT DRIVE (PBD) Mountain Board is likened in performance to a 'Motor-Enduro Bike'. The PBD has almost the same intense acceleration as the PRO Spur Gear Drive but through a higher gear ration of 4.7 / 1, the PBD is capable of HIGHER CRUISING SPEEDS than the Spur Gear Drive, therefore the Pro Belt Drive is the perfect Board option to take if your dreaming on making long rides or river tours as you get a bit more out the batteries as your able to cruise at a fair speed but consuming the power at a more efficient rate, giving you slightly futher range from the same cells if compared to the SPG if driven at the same Cruising speeed.

The PRO SPUR GEAR DRIVE Mountainboard uses a higher gear ratio of 5.9/1 giving insane acceleration performance like that of a Motorcross Bike. The Spur Gear Drive is the perfect Deck option for mega fast pull off's Steep hill riding & track racing making the most of the insane torque for some crazy acceleration (while sacrificing some of it’s top speed).

TRAMPA's PRO BELT DRIVE is housed within a super strong Tub thats been CNC’d from a solid block of heat-treated T6 Aluminium. Ensuring all the moving parts are safe from the elements, as well as knocks & bumps that come along naturally when riding off road...
In the case of a belt snap, the tab has specially designed cut-outs that eject the snapped belt - instead of potentially jamming up the pulleys, potentailly causing a wheel lock.

The PRO BELT DRIVE uses a low gear ratio of 1:4.7 – with a choice of 13, 14 or 15 tooth motor pulleys that change the ratio to 1:4.713, 1:4.714 or 1:4.715 - all giving vastly different performances & top speeds – check the Gearing tab for specs.

As standard, PRO Mountainboards are built around the latest CNC'd TRAMPA Electric Deck (available in a variety of plys). This deck features a specially designed channel for running the power cables from the MONSTER BOX to the motors within the centre of the deck. Neatly covered & protected by a flexible PCB containing the motor sensor cables (held in position using pan-head screws & grip tape). 
This all keeps important cables out of the way, safe & dry – while improving the finished look of the board 10x.

All PRO MOUNTAINBOARDS are fitted with a MONSTER BATTERY BOX as standard. Working in conjunction to the channel in the CNC’d Electric Deck; the Monster Box sits in between the rider’s feet, evenly distributing the weight of the batteries, without sacrificing any ‘pop’ or flex from the deck.
MONSTER BOXES can house two VESC controllers and still have 205 x 190 x 74mm of usable battery space! Allowing you to fit up to 2x 22,000mAh Lipo cells, or up to 12s9p 18650 cells.
Made from 2mm & 4mm thick 3k Twill Carbon Fibre panels, the Monster box has been CNC machined with a 2.1mm groove - allowing the panels to slot in & interconnect perfectly, giving a watertight & strong construction to the box.

Using TWIN 6376 160KV DC MOTORS (the most powerful motors we currently offer), this board is insanely quick! Pairing these motors with 15 tooth Motor Pulleys & 9 inch tyres, this board will be hitting nearly 70km/h! These motors weren’t designed for being left behind.
Sitting snuggly in the new PRO Motor Housing, which has been custom fitted with a stainless Steel mesh acting as a filter, the massive 6376 motors are safe from any knocks, as well as any dust particles / debris that could get inside & impeed them.

TRAMPA's PRO Mountainboards use PRECISION VERTIGO SPRING TRUCKS. These trucks have been precision CNC’d to work in perfect harmony with the CONICAL CLAMP TRUCK ADAPTOR - ensuring accurate & sturdy PRO MOTOR MOUNT attachment.
VERTIGO spring trucks are fully adjustable steering system, which allows you to accurately fine-tune the steering resistance through SPRING ADJUSTORS & swapping out different coloured DAMPAS. With hollow steel 9.525mm axles & a lot of their bulk CNC’d out, VERTIGO trucks only weigh 1676g per set!
It’s possible to attach T6 Aluminum BULL BARS to your front truck, which not only knocks the road-kill out of the way & potentially mows the lawn as you go, but also allows you to connect all kinds of things from lights, cameras, Sat-Navs, or anything else you may need on the front end of your board.

PRO Mountainboard Drives fit 89 & 10 inch wheels with SUPERSTAR or MEGASTAR hubs. With so many Spoke, Rim & Tyre options – you can build wheels that look pimp, and fly through any terrain you throw at them. Using the new OFFSET or DEEP DISH MEGASTAR RIMS its possible to widen your wheelbase, adding more stability - perfect for taller/larger riders!
We’ve become quite fond of setting up boards with 8 inch wheels on the front, & 9 inch wheels connected to the motors - a game changer when it comes to grip, acceleration & top speeds! So-much-so that we’re offering 2x 9 inch MEGASTAR Wheels with a £50 discount, for people who want to experience it for themselves!

PRO Mountain boards come with Bindings as standard, and are able to fit any style we offer.

TRAMPA's PRO PRO BELT DRIVE Electric Mountain Board is delivered to you FULLY ASSEMBLED in a Luxury Travel Bag, with a Graupner Ultramat 18 Charger. All you need to do is purchase & fit the batteries and you’re ready to roll!

You will need to supply your own Batteries to make the board move. There are many options when it comes to cells; desired range & budget usually determine the sort of cells you should purchase.
People ask us all the time what cells to use - & there are hidden issues with some cells, such as availability, price, shipping restrictions, wrong connectors, or complexity of build (especially when it comes to making custom build batteries). Taking all these factors into consideration, we found a regular supply of good performance cells from a variety of suppliers & consequently built our Battery Boxes around them. Check out our RECOMMENDED BATTERIES page for help. Easy :-)

We recommend you service your board every three rides, or after any particularly tough ride. Check the hardware is tight, the belts aren’t worn, and for any damage, particularly to the motor mounts/trucks. Reapply grease to the gears and insure the tub is free from any dust/dirt. Servicing your board is important for keeping it running smoothly, as well as for your safety when riding.


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