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CUSTOM BINDINGS - Build your own Bindings & colour combo!

CUSTOM BINDINGS - Build your own Bindings & colour combo! TRAMPA Ratchet & Camlock Style Footstrap & Ladder Custom TRAMPA L-Bracket
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TRAMPA Ratchet & Camlock Style Footstrap & Ladder

TRAMPA Ratchet style foot-straps are the strongest & most Sturdy bindings on the market! Ergonomically designed to ensure a comfy fit, TRAMPA Bindings will keep your feet, locked into the perfect position, enabling your board to be as responsive as it should.? The L Brackets are connected to the footstraps using Marine Grade Stainless Steel Extra Wide DOME HEADED BOLTS. These will not "Pull through" or interfere with the comfort on the side of your foot what so ever.... 

Our amazing foot-straps have a special "SLOT" on the top of the plastic strap to allow the "90º Hook" (found on the base of the Ratchet or Camlock Buckle), to locate into.  This special slot locks the Buckle perfectly into place, eliminating any potential movement. A special Marine Grade Stainless Steel STAR NUT pushes into the foam from the underside of the strap & a 8mm countersunk bolt tightens the buckle firmly into the strap. Replacement foot-straps are sold as pairs & will fit both RATCHET & CAMLOCK Buckles. Ladder straps are sold separately.

Custom TRAMPA L-Bracket

TRAMPA L Brackets are made using 5mm thick Extruded T6 Aluminum - They should never fail on you. TRAMPA L-Brackets will fit to all of  the binding options TRAMPA has to offer.

Once the expensive material has been forced through the extrusion die, the continuous L shape that comes out the other side is then 'Punched' into the resulting profile that you can see. Extruding aluminum gives the metal the strongest molecular structure possible. Once punched its then sent off to be 'Heat Treated' then high quality polished to take off sharp or un-wanted edges and a nice shiny surface finish that is perfect for Anodising or Powder coating. All of TRAMPA's L Brackets come with a colour co-ordinating TRAMPA logo. 

With 3 different mounting positions on the upright side of the L-Bracket its possible to customise the mounting position of the footstraps in the Mounting points of the L-Bracket & with 4 mounting positions in the Base of the L-Bracket you can customise the position of the L bracket on the deck suitable to your ride stance or leg length or just to your liking so with some trials & errors its possible to find the absolute perfect positioning for your feet & footwear when riding. Its important to have comfortable feet when riding....

TRAMPA's L-Brackets fit to all TRAMPA foot straps as well as most other brands foot straps & is therefore compatible to fit to both MBS & Scrub boards. Ensure all your nuts and bolts are tight before riding!

M5x20mm Extra Wide Dome Head Bolts with M5 nuts & M5 Washers connect the L Bracket to the TRAMPA Binding Foot Straps. 

M6x25mm Countersunk bolts with M6 nuts & M6 Washers push through the deck from the underside & hold the L Bracket to the top side of the TRAMPA deck.

TRAMPA’s huge range of bindings are the most customisable on the market - meaning you’ll be able to get the perfect fit for your riding style - in any colour scheme you can think up.  

All TRAMPA bindings use Stainless steel Dome Headed Bolts, connected through the Footstrap into L-Brackets, ensuring no discomfort to the foot. The L-Brackets are 'multi positional' allowing the rider the exact foot-stance they require. All TRAMPA Bindings are supplied with a Marine grade A4 Stainless Steel deck fixing kit included.

TRAMPA's RATCHET BINDINGS are the number 1 choice of Bindings for Mountain Boarding. The Ratchet Buckle mechanism allows the rider to lever the bindings very tight, treating the rider to a locked in & fully connected boarding experience. TRAMPA Bindings wrap snugly over the top of your foot so firm footwear is advisable. The EVA Foam Padding is ribbed on the underside of the Footstrap, keeping the foot locked into the Bindings whilst riding over rough terrain.

A hook on the Base of the Ratchet Buckle fits into a special slot on the top of the Footstrap. This clever 3 point connection prevents any movement in the connection of the Straps, allowing the rider the confidence in their equipment to concentrate purely on their riding. Although the Ladder strap will ultimately wear over time, it has been re-enforced on both sides at its base, guaranteeing performance when riding.

TRAMPA CAMLOCK BINDINGS are the #1 choice of binding for all top level Kite Boarders. The Camlock system allows the user to 'Lock the Bindings' in the desired position allowing easy step in / step out action. Should the board be dropped on the Bindings when attempting aerial maneuvers (or similar) the Cam-lock system stops the Bindings from "closing-up", which in turn allows the user to be able to easily put their foot back into the Bindings & continue riding without any hassle.

TRAMPA CAMLOCK BINDINGS use the same 3 point connection as the ratchet bindings, preventing any movement in the connection of the Straps. The Ladder strap will ultimately wear over time so give care to this part when adjusting it.

TRAMPA's Nylon Hook BINDINGS are great for Mountain Board beginners, and perfect for Kite Boarders of all levels. Once Velcroed together they remain locked in their position making it really easy to get your foot in & out - especially good for Kite-Boarders trying to deal with a powerful kite in strong winds whilst trying to step onto a Board at the same time!

To set the bindings, open the Nylon Hook STRAPS and place your foot in-between, then without too much force sandwich the Nylon Hook straps into a comfortable position over the top of your foot. Remember to set the position of your velcro straps using the footwear you will be using when riding & practice stepping in & out of your bindings to get used to its feel.

TRAMPA's LUXURY VELCRO BINDINGS give you best of both worlds. Between the easily-customisable velcro straps from the Nylon Hook Bindings and the lush EVA foam padding from the Camlock and Ratchet style bindings, TRAMPA’s Luxury Velcro Bindings are easy to step in and out of, and keep your feet locked in comfortably when you need them to be most.

TRAMPA HEEL STRAPS lock your feet into the bindings and make you feel at one with the deck. When using Heel Straps you’re committed to the ride and have more control over the board. Most Pro-Riders use Heel Straps when MOUNTAIN BOARDING, as feeling locked to the board increases confidence, without the worry of your feet potentially working themselves out of the bindings whilst ripping over the rough terrain.

With 3 pairs of different length LADDER STRAPS to choose from, the TRAMPA HEEL STRAPS easily adjust to fit to any sized shoe that comfortably fits onto a Mountain Board. A CAMLOCK BUCKLE is used to Lock the Ladder Strap on one side of your foot and a RATCHET BUCKLE is used on the other side. The Ratchet Buckle easily tightens the Ladder into the Heel Straps so that your foot is locked into a comfortable position!.

TRAMPA Heel Straps are universally fitting and are supplied with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel FITTING KIT as standard, so only take a few minutes to assemble.

1x TRAMPA Ratchet & Camlock Style Footstrap & Ladder
4x Custom TRAMPA L-Bracket
Weight: 399g
What Style of Bindings do you want?
What Style of Bindings do you want?

VELCRO Style Bindings please
VELCRO Style Bindings please

CAMLOCK Style Bindings please
CAMLOCK Style Bindings please

RATCHET Style Bindings please
RATCHET Style Bindings please

LUXURY VELCRO Style Bindings please
LUXURY VELCRO Style Bindings please

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