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TRAMPA's purpose built luggage range is perfect for the Job! More often then not after use, unwanted dirt will stick to your board & unless steps are made to prevent the dirt spreading it will inevitably transfer onto your personal possessions. To prevent this from happening we have created the perfect answer in the form of the MUCK OFF BAG. Your board easily slips into the bag without any effort at all. The Muck Off Bag can handle a little bit of water but it is not water proof,  however the Muck Off Bag has a drawstring to close the end keeping the Muck In & off your possessions! There are conveniently placed carry handles on the side of the Muck Off Bag & a shoulder strap to be help maneuver the Bag with all its contents to the more remote locations to ride...

Once your board is placed into the Muck Off Bag, your cherished possession is then most suitably located & transported best in a perfectly sized LUXURY TRAVEL BAG. Depending on which board you have will determine which bag you will need to order, as each deck has its own custom sized bag insuring best transit environment for your board. 

On the exterior, the Luxury bags Double Strength Chunky Zipper, un-zips all the way round to allow easy entry for the board. The LUXURY TRAVEL BAG is padded with 10mm EVA foam at the top, the bottom & at the sides to protect your board from impacts during transit. Top quality Stainless Steel Zippers, pimped out with custom made TRAMPA Zipper Pulls, makes zipping & un-zipping the bag a total pleasure. For your security whilst traveling your bag is supplied with a Padlock & key.

CHUNKY CARRY HANDLES join at the side of the bag & with the use of a Velcro strap they connect comfortably together. Brushed Aluminum Quick Release Dog Clips attach or remove the Double Padded & Adjustable length Shoulder Strap, making carrying it down the beach or through the airport as comfy as possible. There is also a quick access Exterior Travel pocket for storing documents and the likes & Re-Enforced Grab Handle at the end of the bag to assist in lugging the bag around.

The interior of the bag is lined in strong Nylon making slipping your board into the bag very easy to do. It also has Super-long Velcro Pockets that run the entire length & depth of both sides of the bag, allowing you to be able to safely store your Bar & lines within. Steady straps wrap over the deck, anchoring it in place to avoid rolling around, making it more comfortable to carry.

The Luxury Travel Bag is best used in conjunction with the TRAMPA MUCK OFF BAG, as its name suggests, it keeps the muck off & keeps the Luxury bag clean!! Arrive like a Pro Team Rider with a Tailor made LUXURY TRAVEL BAG.

With the extra weight of all of the items now associated to the the Electric Boards, (the new 9 inch Spur Gear Drive Monster box with cells fitted weighs 22kg) so when transporting your board around in the Luxury Travel Bag, becuase the contents are so heavy & fragile so to speak (you don't want to drop it) it is best practice to extend the shoulder strap & place the Shoulder Strap over your head resting it on the opposite shoulder then using the re-enforced carry handles on the side of the luxury bag share the weight of the bag between your shoulder & your hands. We have had reports of guys pulling the shoulder straps from the anchor points & its fair to say were worried they are just carrying them on the shoulder strap, which of course we can understand folk from doing but its coming aparent that carrying on the shoulder strap alone is not enough, so please try to use the carry re-enforced handles as much as possible & do not rely solely on the shoulder strap.

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