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GUMMIES Carveboard


Needs finishing....

TRAMPA's new & AMAZING 125mm GUMMIES Tyres are a 'Revolution' in the boarding world ;-) The GUMMIES Longboard Tyres are so good its as if the Longboard wheel has just been re-invented! The Gummies Tyres fit too & transforms the performance of both of TRAMPA's HYPA & SUPERSTAR hubs which are usually used for off road use, but using the GUMMIES 125mm Tyres converts them into Supersized Longboard style wheels - Its a revolutionary fab sensation cruising comfortably on the Ultra High rebound Urethane making high speed power carves over crack & imperfections in the pavement, its a divine dream to ride the GUMMY Carve Deck!

Once the GUMMIES Wheels are combined with any of the TRAMPA Trucks, you are steeping into a whole new world of boarding! Being 'Narrower than the '16.5 inch ATB Trucks', TRAMPA's Mini Spring Trucks measure just 12.5 Inches wide & the narrower Axle width means they are designed to steer - Alot! This makes them perfect for the Gummy Carver as this just loves to steer!! 

Having 2 Spring positions to choose from (Inside position is loose, whilst pushing springs into the outside position makes the steering much firmer & more suitable for high speed) the Mini Spring Trucks have a huge range of precision steering which through the push & pull of Springs (& Dampa's if required) which are anchored into position between the hanger & baseplate, enables you the rider to fine tune & preset your steering requirement from Super Loose to Tremendously Tight, setting the Board suitable for the ride ahead & of course to the riders personal requirements. The Steering in the Spring Trucks can also be further fine tuned on the fly, fast & simply, by the use of a 4mm Allen Key & Turning the Spring Adjuster Clockwise will give firmer steering (Suggested for Speed) & turning Anti Clockwise for looser steering (Suggested for Carving).

The beauty of the Mini Spring Trucks is that unlike regular Skate & Longboard Style Trucks, which usually have a simple vertically mounted kingpin & bushing stack between the metal parts to allow movement & supply the steering, is that even when set Loose its unlikely they will speed wobble making them perfect for all kinds of riding, especially once hooked up with some of TRAMPA's new electrical equipment,! The Electric Gummy, which is due out soon, is about to blow the world away!!

Simple / cheap Longboard truck setup's do not offer you a lot of support, they are limited by the design & that lack of suitable support often leads to serious speed wobble, due to their flimsy design potentially even at low speeds... However, TRAMPA's Mini Spring Trucks use a precision made horizontally fitted Kingpin & is supported by the springs. This means the steering can easily be controlled is held very tight & can only go in 2 directions, left or right,

 that offer little support at speed they do not wobble at speed, considerably more than of any Skateboard style truck that has been made before it & the performance is beyond words... Honestly, even for me, a man of so many words, im still just shaking my head, smiling to myself remembering the last ride, that's how good Mini Spring Trucks are! I mean i have done some waffling on this website telling you just how good our performance is, but honestly the words in my vocabulary cant describe just how good the URBAN Carver is once fitted with the Gummies grip. As soon as you find some super smooth Tarmac such as a new cycle path or carpark, once you get these super sticky 75a tyres warmed up from a few turns, if you remove the Dampa's & set your springs into the middle position, the carving sensation is just un-believable!!

Once your hooked up with an electric motor on the back of the Gummies Deck the steering range is so good you can literally whizz around with some power from the motor making a full 360 degree turn in a space no wider than 3 meters! Your leaning that far over you should fall off! Its as if your head stays in the bulls'eye of the circle whilst the board with your body on it, continuously spins around & around until your dizzy!! lol Can you imagine a Skateboard that makes you dizzy!! haha I call it the Death Roll cus ur turning that tight you can't see where your going!! lol!! People look at me gone out wondering how the hell that is happening & now with a bit of practice Im capable of putting down both Toeside or Heel-side Death Rolls continuously, it might look a bit gay happy i am at the time but I loop them together into a figure of 8 - Infinity!!! hahaha!! ! Its just hilarious how tight they turn & so FXXXXN smooth at the same time and more than anything, they are still stable at higher speeds, despite all the looseness they still feel so stable... But of course for continuous high speed riding you should move spring to the outside position and maybe think about adding Dampa's, the will be the Electric Board Racers Dry Weather Street tyre of choice without doubt!!

Being 125mm in Diameter the GUMMIES Tyres are much larger than any other Longboard wheel on the market, whilst using High Quality SUPERSOFT Urethane (75a-78a) & the same 50mm wide surface contact as the TRAMPA Stickies Longboard wheels not only do the GUMMIES Tyres perform like their name suggest (When riding on fresh tarmac / asphalt - Hard Packed surfaces, the GUMMIES Tyres stick like 'XXXX to a blanket' allowing the most insane turns & carves that you would not believe were possible) BUT the Super Soft Ultra Premium Urethane we have used also allows the GUMMIES Wheels to glide over cracks & Imperfections in the pavement & smash through the small obstacles that often get in the way when cruising around town, potentially jamming up smaller sized longboard wheels which can be well scary when it happens!!

Boarding of all kinds has recently seen a massive revolution with many new riders coming on the scene adding electric motors & powerful batteries to their boards, you could say much of the equipment being used by other brands is just not up to the job,  riding small wheels on high speed electric boards can be frightening and well when you hook up the TRAMPA GUMMIES wheels onto one of the new TRAMPA Electric Boards, the GUMMIES tyre performace comes into a whole new universe of riding experience that nobody ever knew existed before...!! All of TRAMPA's electric boards are all incredibly powerful, just the most un-real performance is experienced like nothing else ever.... Honest! Fitting a set of GUMMIES to 16 Inch wide ATB Spring Trucks in place of off road tyres converts your Mountainboard into a Street Monster, Racing around places like go-kart tracks will soon become the latest thing too do & we know the mega grippy GUMMIES tyres will become the #1 choice of all serious high speed riders.....

Currently on forward order, they will only available in BLACK 78a Soft premium Urethane which is the perfect colour to tie in with any Combination of HYPA or SUPERSTAR hub in the TRAMPA range.

The GUMMIES Tyres will only fit TRAMPA HYPA or SUPERSTAR hubs, which in turn fit to any of the TRAMPA Truck Steering Systems.

Diameter - 125mm
Width - 52mm
Surface contact - 50mm
Fits to - HYPA & SUPERSTAR Hubs (9.525mm or 12mm Bearings)
Fits to - All 9.525 or 12mm TRAMPA Axles with 34.2mm of clearance.

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