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12FiFties Longboard Hanger 310mm with 9.525mm SOLID Steel Axle

12FiFties Longboard Hanger 310mm with 9.525mm SOLID Steel Axle

TRAMPA’s amazing 12FiFties Extra Wide Longboard Trucks are amazingly responsive, strong & adaptable.

Designed to be used in conjunction with TRAMPA's ORRSOM longboard deck, they provide a market leading variety of customisation options only dreamt about with your standard longboard.

If you love building your own longboards, be it electric powered or gravity fed, this could be the new truck for you!

12FiFties Hangers measure 12.5 inches wide,  the extra width providing superior stability at high speed, as well as the clearance for adding larger wheels. Compatible wheel sizes range from 83mm Trampa stickies - for ultimate tarmac cruising, all the way through the range up to 8'' pneumatic tyres - providing the most unrivalled off road experience.

Trampa have achieved this by factory fitting 9.525mm hardened steel axles, then offering different bearing alternatives to suit; Stickies R6-2RS, Skate 28x9.525mm or  R6001RS 28x12mm with a reducer sleeve.

This is the most versitile longboard truck for any terrain type! 

Designed with our standardised skate kingpin (9.4 x 50mm) & mounted at 50º angle to the baseplate for optimum steering responsiveness. 

Baseplates are available in 10 different anodonised colours for unrivalled customisation! 

Precision CNC’d from solid blocks of T6 heat-treated Aluminium, 12FiFties HANGERS are remarkably strong, able to withstand the forces, bumps or crashes they’ll inevitably recieve if ridden properly. Aswell as looking the part with a polished silver finish!

The hanger body has been CNC'nd along the complete length to 19.5mm x 19.5mm, and then grooved to allow the electric motor mount to be preicisely clamped to the truck. The mount itself consists of a simple laser-cut carbon panel and a CNC'd 12FiFties clamping ring available in the motor mounts section of the website.





Weight: 374g
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RRP £50 - per Hanger

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