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Wheels support spacers for TRAMPA Wheels on 12mm axles - 12mm (id) x 16mm (od) x 18.2mm x4

Wheels support spacers for TRAMPA Wheels on 12mm axles - 12mm (id) x 16mm (od) x 18.2mm x4
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The 18.2mm Aluminium Axle and hub spacer snugly rests between the base of the Axle against the hanger and the bearing housing inside Trampa Hypa or Superstar Hubs. They are precision engineered to ensure accurate fit; 1 spacer fits all! Fits all Trampa Truck Axles and Trampa Hypa Hubs.    

This Bearing Support Spacer fits between the Bearings, alongside the O-Ring when fitting Bearings into a TRAMPA hub when mounting the wheel onto 9.525 & 12mm Axles.

Over time, during the usage of your board, bearings & spacers are put under a lot of force. Ultimately this force has to go somewhere. The Bearings use a Steel ring in their assembly where as the Bearing Support Spacers are made from Aluminum - & when forced against each other the aluminum will lose every time! This is what happens to your spacers between the bearings, & over time the spacers shrink, resulting in an annoying rattle. That's when you fit these spacers!

Set of 4 bearing support spacers to fit between bearings of Hypa Hub on 12mm axles
16mm (od) x 12mm (id) x 18.2mm (long)
Snugly fits between the bearings ensuring a maximum spin rate at all times.
Precision made to ensure accurate fit & maximum performance to bearings.
Fits perfectly on Trampa spring Truck Axles & Trampa Hypa Hubs.
Spacer Outer Diameter = 16mm
Spacer Inner Diameter = 12mm
Spacer Length = 18.2mm
Spacer will not fit between the bearings of the Superstar wheel because of tolerance issues in the accuracy of the spokes, the Superstar hubs use 17.8mm spacers
Weight: 4g
Quantity required:
RRP £4 - per set of 4

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