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FRONT Fender Kit for 8 Inch Wheel boards - ORIGINAL hanger

FRONT Fender Kit for 8 Inch Wheel boards - ORIGINAL hanger
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There is nothing worse (or better) than blasting through a muddy puddle only to be complete covered in the spray that obviously flies of all 4 wheels when out riding on a Electric Mountainboard, its possible to get yourself & the expensive electronic equipment completely covered in XXXX in just one moments riding, which not only leaves you worried that all the electronics will be ok, but also means you have some serious cleaning to do when you get home! lol And that's why we made these Mud-Guards & TRAMPA's Mud-Guards aka 'XXXX-Shields' work wonders!!

Using CNC T6 Aluminum Hanger Mounts attached to Carbon Fiber Mounting panels (all the usual high quality touches TRAMPA add's as standard to most of its builds) the mudguards give enough cover to prevent you and your equipment from getting plastered in muck when out riding in the worst of conditions....

There are different Mud-Guard mounting Clamps to work on both the original and the new CNC TRAMPA Hangers which will mount to the front of the Board, But the REAR Mud-Guards are only designed too fit to the Pro Motor Mounts, & the different Pro motor mounts have a different fitting kit, so if you wish to make a purchase please make sure you get the correct kits you need for the Trucks you have at the front and the Motor mounts you have at the rear. If you get stuck  or not sure which trucks or mounts you have, drop the guys a line for advise as to what you have & they can tell you what you need....

This Mudguard kit is designed to work with the ORIGINAL ATB  Mountainboard Hanger fitting 2x mudguards to the front of the deck, 1 kit covers 2 wheels at the front.

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