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White base & Blue logo patch Velcro Footstraps

White base & Blue logo patch Velcro Footstraps
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White base with BLUE TRAMPA logo rubber patch, on Black EVA foam VELCRO FOOTSTRAPS. Replacement Velcro Footstraps are sold as a complete 4 piece set & replace tired or worn out footstraps on your existing board. The VELCRO style bindings are perfect for both mountainboarding or kiteboarding. The VELCRO anchors the Footstraps in the exact position, allowing your foot easy "step in & step out" action making them the perfect binding option for the beginner Mountain Boarder or expert Kite Boarder

Stiff, but suitably padded to comfort the foot when held in the locked on position, the footstrap is moulded with an extra wide profile over the toe side of the foot allowing extra leverage in the deck during turns from the rider. Velcro bindings remain in a fixed position, perfect for Kite-boarders going Arial. These straps will only fit to TRAMPA L-brackets BUT the L-brackets will fit to other brands. Velcro Footstraps are excellent for Kite Boarders of all levels & Mountain board beginners & are available in a selection of coordinating colours...

White base with Blue logo patch replacement velcro straps
Weight: 276g
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RRP £20 - per pair

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