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VESC HD-60 TWIN - 12s


We are proud to introduce a new member in the world famous VESC speed controller family! 

We gave it the name VESC HD.  It is the abbreviation for High Density, referring to the ultra compact design. The HD project started almost 2 years ago & we took our time to bring it to perfection. 

Certainly the Power to size ratio is the key feature of the TWIN VESC HD. Measuring just 100mm x 55mm x 18 mm the TWIN Motor capable VESC HD-60T is a true space saver!

The HD-60 range of Speed Controllers has even more to offer & is capable of hibernating... Your board can conserve power while not in use - reducing power consumption to just 20μA – less than the self-discharge rate of the batteries. Or with automatic power off, your VESC can switch itself off after a set amount of time. Kickstart or Roll to start allows you to wake up the unit, without the need of finding the switch to turn it of so giving the wheels a gentle push is all it takes. 

Compatible with power buttons that we offer, the HD is be ready to go with either a single button press, a flick or even kick to start!!

In its development, due to their tendency to eventually blow up after a certain period, no Mosfet switches were used in this production. This saves on the additional costs of replacing them, & also adds to the longevity of the VESC HD. 

NO LONGER Produced with an integrated NRF 52840 Chip for wireless connection. You must now purchase seperate NRF Chip if you want wireless connectability. Wireless connecatability eases initial setup & RT-Data acquisition & you can still use an external BLE dongle or Antenna if Signal Boosting is necessary. 

The TWIN HD-60 is a modular design, consisting of a twin logic stage & two separated power stages. Both channels operate as independent, redundant units, so that a damage on one channel does not take down the second channel. Also you will find all ports twice, giving you more freedom to interconnect secondary devices & it certainly is adding to the redundancy effect. 

The modular design makes the device very repairable if electronics get damaged. Mishaps happen & we want you to get your device up & running again quick & without buying an entire new unit. Spare PCBs will be available at a reasonable price tag going forwards.

As expected, this mew VESC features THREE PHASE SHUNTS & adjustable VOLTAGE FILTERS - detecting any motor attached more precisely and reliably than ever before. Consequently all kinds of motors now run as smooth as butter & react PERFECTLY LINEAR to throttle input commands. 

The HD is ASS Ready. Ass stands for Advanced Sensor less Startup, which basically means full torque from 0 RPM. ASS is a future SW/HW feature, not to be confused with HFI. We want you to know that the device is already prepared for the future! 

You’ll also find a new IMU chip fitted - featuring a gyroscope & accelerometers... The VESC  knows its 3D orientation position in space & 3 axis acceleration values....

UAVCAN has been added to the VESC  firmware allowing you to interact with commonly used flight controllers like the PIXHAWK ®* devices. The HD is perfect for bigger drones & other UAVs!

VESC-Tool is now available as an Android™ compatible App, allowing you to configure your VESC or VESC array with only a few clicks. User specific PROFILES will let you change in between different setups with a single tap on the fly. 


Spec sheet TWIN HD 60

- Power per channel: 100A, up to 75A continuous, 160A absolute max 
- 60V rated including any voltage spikes (12S LiIon)
- 3 shunt design
- Ports: 2x SWD, 2x USB, 2x COMM, 2x CAN, 2x PPM, 2x SENSOR
- 2x XT60 power connectors
- 5V and 3.3V supply for external devices
- Suppports ABI, HALL, AS5047, TS5700N8501
- ASS Ready (Advanced Sensor less Startup = Full Torque from 0 RPM)

Dimensions TWIN HD: 101 x 55 x 18mm

Weight: 225g


- Current and voltage measurement on all phases (three shunt design)
- Adjustable voltage filters
- built in IMU chip (accelerometer, gyro)
- Regenerative braking
- Traction control (single and twin setup)
- Sensor'd or Sensor less operation + hybrid mode
- ASS Ready (Advanced Sensor less Startup = Full Torque from 0 RPM)
- Configurable RPM-, current-, voltage- and power limits
- Input source: PPM, Analog, NRF Nyko Kama Nunchuck
- Communication ports: USB, CAN,UAVCAN, UART
- Throttle curve and ramping for all input sources
- Separate throttle curves for acceleration and brakes
- Seamless 4-quadrant operation
- Motor revolution, amp hour, watt hour counting
- Display of speed, power, duty cycle, amp flow, estimated range and battery status on App
- Accumulated data from arrays of VESCs
- Real time data analysis and read out via communication ports
- Real time data analysis and read out via VESC-Tool APP or VESC-Tool software
- Adjustable protection against:

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